Monday, November 1, 2010

kiss the girl.

two weeks ago when i visited the store:

and just last week:
see us? woohoo!
as most of you should already know, we no longer hold racks at haji lane's theblogshop - it was a well one year spent over there and it was time to move on. kissjane came along at a rather opportune time and we're glad we made the decision to enter the store. so now you girls can find our wares at citylink mall! errrm im not too sure of the unit number for now but it was where hula&co used to be.. we're also gonna be opposite hershey's cafe and garrett popcorn! 
lovin' our acrylic sign.
do drop by and browse ok? :)
finally met up with the girls for a short lunch and catchup sesh today. main aim: to pass them their missypixie stuff, hahahaha. wore zabel from the latest collection and my new bandage wedges :)

had lunch at curry favour at stamford house; funny how my soft shell crabs look like breaded hands. the girls were kinda freaked out when it appeared while shuz was talking to us about paranormal activity 2. haha! 
case in point:
marking the next meetup on my calendar for harry potter 7!!! we made a pact since the first harry potter movie (was it like freakin' 10 years ago?!) and have watched every single installment together. i still remember we wore matching tee shirts bought from 77th street for the sorcerer's apprentice. 
omg what an embarrassing memory. 
see you girls at our next HP date!


Anonymous said...

How much are the missypixie clothes retailing for at kissjane? Are they selling at relatively the same price as that on the livejournal?

missypixie said...

hi dear! generally the clothes are priced a few dollars higher to ease our burden on the rental costs :) but i do think its reasonable as you can get to try on the actual pieces and have a feel of the material in the flesh!