Sunday, November 7, 2010

plugged in, tuned out.

the Weekly Sunday Routine: doing photoshop for the week's collection in my room, with my favourite tunes on full blast, without a care in the world.
i've been quite the laggard on new songs and recently fell in love with this mandopop band. think they've been around for more than a year already but their ballads rock my socks.

having grew up to 933FM, tuning in to long hu bang with my sisters every sunday morning, keeping almost every issue of Friday Weekly cos they'd always have the lyrics of new songs printed on the back page (remember those days??), and studying in a chinese institution...
i'm very much a sucker for mandarin songs.
sometimes cheenapop just expresses emotions that angmoh songs can't, get what i mean?
(its not even a want anymore)

xoxo, sharon


Jasmine said...

Totally get you! After all, I too studied at 2 chinese institutions for 6 years :P And yes, I rem Friday weekly and the last page poster/lyrics!

But after leaving for Melb for my studies, I'm really quite out of touch. Nowadays if I do go to KTV we'll end up singing all the old songs. SAD.

missypixie said...

great! someone who understands! :D

same thing here i keep re-singing oldies.. totally out of tune with the new hits! feel so old :(