Wednesday, December 29, 2010

holycurlmolly part 2

YES!!! i did it!!
i curled my hair.
PERMANENTLY! (well, at least til i cut it again la)
so now i got curly fries too!!

ta daaa!! i got bigger curls than sharmie
so its bouncier.
But of cos, its harder to maintain :(

Anyway, the happiest thing of Christmas was..
I got my Hamilton bag!!!
The BF express shipped it over from US
and when he gave me the brown cardboard box,
i went
"erp. i don't want rubbish man."

I probably got all the bags i want so..
i will not get anything for 2011!
(yes Mella, futile promise :( )

Christmas was quiet this year so we went to Mella's house
to unashamedly join in her family celebrations.

Santarina Muffin.
she is like a soft toy la, when u carry her,
she wont move. Like, really.

Bag (Michael Kors) Navy polka dotty romper (Miss Selfridge)

we had home made pumpkin soup, it was soooo good.

i brought over ice cream from Udders.
The lychee martini was good, but Mao Shan Wang rocks!

Spent Monday on a date cos the BF took leave.
Finally signed for the wedding banquet and its a huge load off my mind.
I do have a place for the dinner! yay!

dress (missypixie)

wah i love the toilet of the hotel.

More of my phone's trigger happy moments!

brekkie delivered by the BF.

And stupid whatsapp conversations between Sharmie & Me:

i love these cakes when i was young!!
actually, i still love them! WAHAHAHHA.

Can't wait for 2011 to come along,
cos i got so many plans in store, its bursting outta me :))

have a good holiday!

ah yes, we are launching this weekend,
2 willow items in store!
oh, and i hope mailing listees loved the promo :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

when will tht mp dress be launched?? so pretty !!!

MABEL said...

Omg kelly i love your hair so much!!!
What perm is it call for your hair? Btw where did you do your hair and how much was it! Please recommend me the salon as i was thinking of perming my hair too! :)

missypixie said...

hi elmo, it was launched previously, as CHELSEA but its all sold out :)

hello Mabel, thanks! i just told my stylist i wanted soft large curls, i did it at SUPERCUTS at Nex, they are having a 50% promo now and its around $160 after disc! Look for Angeline!

Becks! said...

Looking goooood with curly hair I swear! (: And that bag! Who said something about saving for the toilet reno? -.- Haha!

missypixie said...

Ehhhh I'm still saving!! In 2011!! Haha :) show me your boots!!

MABEL said...

Thanks babe!!!! Possible to give me the contact number? :) Any idea when will the promotion end? Only applicable to NEX outlet? :)

missypixie said...

Oh dear, I don't have their number cos I walked in but promo ends mid Jan and it's only at nex cos it's their opening special! :)

Becks! said...

As requested!!

Anonymous said...

Hello and Merry belated Christmas to you guys (: Can anybody tell me how tall Becks, the current MP model, is?
I'm trying to gauge how some of the MP clothing will look on me.

missypixie said...

Hello!! She is 1.62m, same as me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the quick reply!

Nurulia said...

Wow Kelly totally loving the curls on you! Very very refreshing change! :)

missypixie said...

Thanks babe!