Friday, December 3, 2010

One skirt, countless possibilities

Pssst... I'm giving you a head's up on a competition that missypixie will be holding, with attractive prizes to be won! If I could, I would join the competition because I want the prize for myself. Too bad employees (I think it's just me that they don't allow) are not allowed to take part, not even their family members. Pffffft &@&!#^)!(_)$(. Heheheheheh.

And what's the competition about? Here's a hint: I was given the task of mixing and matching Sue grey by my dear bosses.

Right. I think my hint is explicitly obvious.

(Side note: G-Shock watch is the boyfriend’s. I need a new watch.)

Top: Online at second-hand, skirt: Sue grey from MP, hat: Coldwear, shoes: fep

Top: Pull & Bear, skirt: Sue grey from MP, socks: cotton on, shoes: fep

Jacket: Club Marc, Belt: comes with Bysi pants, skirt: Sue grey from MP, shoes: from Korea

Top: missypixie, scarf: thrifted, skirt: Sue grey from MP, shoes: J.Lo

Cheers to mix and match wonders,
Becks (or should I call myself minion from now on? Or missypixie’s model? Or... hmmmm. Multiple personality disorder much.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Becks,

you have super good dress/fashion sense!

Oh, how old are you by the way?

Becks said...

Thank you very much! I'm 21 this year. (:

Anonymous said...

Hiya Becks! Just curious, how did you know Sharon and Kelly? I love the last look btw!

Anonymous said...

hi becks! do you have your own personal blog? would love to read more of your posts!

Anonymous said...

gosh. soo tempted to join this competition! but dont tink i am daring enough to do it XD anyway becks, i really love yr fashion sense! (:

-eileen (:

Becks said...

Anonymous 1 - Hello! The girls contacted me to model for them, that's how I knew them!

Anonymous 2 - I do.!

Eileen - Hi Eileen! Please do join! You don't have to take your face, if you're hesitant because of that. (:

Alethea Tan said...

I super love the last two looks! (Not saying that I don't like the first two either though ^^) I looooove how you mixed the and matched the pieces together. Great choices! :)

Becks said...

Alethea - Thank you! (:

Anonymous said...

why not:)