Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Baby...

I have no idea why I am up so early on a Sat morning,
especially since i have nothing to do
and the BF is away on a business trip (again!) til next wed.
sighs. I hope he is back in time for xmas!

Anyway, i actually did the idiot thing
and stood outside a Hello! shop an hour before it opened...
just for my iPhone4.
(they have 30 sets daily and by opening time,
all 30 sets were gone??)

the funny thing is,
everyone gave me the accessories for xmas pressies
even before i actually got the phone.

since i am up so early, i prepared gifts of love
for the girls later!
(took me damn long to take this pic
cos i didnt want to show my notes,
in the end, gotta blank them out, bah.)

We thought super long and hard for our xmas cover shot for MP this week
and it took an HOUR just to figure out what to do.
In the end, i am not even sure what we are using but..
we had FUN!!

then sharmie did smth stupid and started giggling
(i dunno how Becks still looks pretty in all the shots)

then i lost it. hahahhahaa

Randomly, we were at citylink stocking in for KISSJANE that day
and spotted these white balls.

we looked like we had something important to say..

in the end, its all about MP!!

sharmie is worst. blatant self advertising.
she said she was being consistent with branding. -snorts-

finally outta post LASIK rut
and dressing up like normal again.
Speaking of LASIK, i still have blurred vision
so i am still half blind and i think i gotta be
the suay-est person around :(

ribbon shoes from BKK :)) personal courier aka Mella
sent this over that day...

its all her fault for going to Paris for a holiday.
then i have to get it now, if not it would be 2years later
and god knows the price then.
Man, its like buying property.

Lastly! to tap on Sharmie's all i want for xmas...

1. Michael Kors Hamilton Bag

i saw this pic first, and i couldn't stop staring.
the bag looks ALOT like my prev black doctor bag
which is unfortunately peeling like a bad skin case.

comes with another chain!
credits to altamiranyc

So i did intensive online research and...
Michael Kors is not found in SG.
Or BKK. Or anywhere near anywhere i will be at.
And i cant figure out the whole vPost, online shipping
(okay, i am lazy)
so..i dream loh :(

2. More time with those i love

In a sense, we are both really lucky to be working on MP full time
cos it has flexi hours and we can work our way around things
but I still hope for more time with the family,
maybe a holiday abroad with them and the BF?
more outings with friends, including those
i haven seen in a looooong while (hello, chanchan)
and...just time off doing nothing
(nope, no checking of emails)
and enjoying life at this precise moment in time.

3. missypixie missypixie missypixie

I am serious, my life priorities are skewed.
It goes something like...
MP, Food, BF, Family/Friends, blahblah.
Even after LASIK, all i could think of was..
hows Sunday post ah?
So for 2011, me and sharmie did the corporate thing,
we set KPIs!!!! wahahaahhahha.
and we hope to achieve what we set out to do :)

much love,


lizzie said...

oh cool! love your chanel classic flap bag...what size did you get and how much is it currently retailing in paris for?

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

Did u buy the maxi or jumbo? Care to share how much u got it for so that I can do a price comparison. if u feel uncomfortable disclosing it here, can email me at


Anonymous said...

hi!! i love the cute plastic bags that u used in 1 of yr pictures =) whr did u buy it from?


missypixie said...

Hi Lizzie & vivien! I got it for approx slightly below 4.5k from Paris. It's the jumbo cavier :) Singapore is selling it for 5.3k if I am not wrong!

missypixie said...

Hey Gen! I got them from Daiso! :) it comes in different patterns and sizes, do check it out!

Anonymous said...

why is MP still naming their clothes female names (fiona, jamie, etc)... seriously... how did you all still survive. not a rude comment, just wondering.

missypixie said...

erm, why can't we name it female names?

Anonymous said...

because it is so passe?because other "blogshops" have already ventured into something bigger and more proper?

missypixie said...

hahaha, well, i definitely find it easier to invoice and remember items such as "DAHLIA", rather than "DAHLIA peach chiffon pleated blouson...."
anyway, nice suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, where did u get your phone case? it's really cute!

Anonymous said...

also, if you'd notice the amount of white shirts we sell every week, we'd keel over and die trying to remember every single piece that is named "white weekend slouch shirt", "white shirt with single pocket", "white shirt with double pockets" - you get the idea ;) names work best for us so we've stuck to that. whatever works!


missypixie said...

hello! i got it gmasked :)