Monday, January 31, 2011


in love with my new knit outerwear,
and my awesome polkamania dress.
and listening to rachael yamagata amidst the pitterpatter.
 in 3 days i'm gonna be outta here (away from this madcrazywetweather) and freezing my ass off in the Land of the Rising Sun. my bags are already full from all the scarves, boots, parkas, and woolly clothing - i haven't even packed my innerwear yet! danggggggggg!
can't wait can't wait can't wait. won't be here for the new year so in case i won't be blogging till i'm back,
have a fab year of the Rabbit, people! 
may this year be your best yet.
xoxo, sharon

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

gmail inbox (0)

I consider it a personal achievement
everytime i manage to battle gmail inbox into submission
and hit zero new mails.
An incredible feat these days cos the limit keeps resetting
and i keep staring at mails longingly,
but am unable to answer to any of them.

Yesterday was...crazy.
like sharmie said, no break at all
except when it rained and we could do nothing
then..okay, lets just eat.
Like an afterthought.
I was starving the whole day
and running on adrenaline and madness.

We did phoshoot til 11plus pm with poor Becks,
trying to coax out that last few moments of sunshine
before she too, faded away with fatigue.
-cues loads of hysterical laughter
with no idea why-

Remember the new year resolution of dressing better
since we are young once and we should make full use of it?

i wanted tank top and shorts but thought i should make an effort.
who cares if the vest stayed on as long as the ride to office
and came off the moment i was inside
(then subsequently got lost in the mess of clothes
and left behind, and is still sitting under my chair or smth)

Office happenings..

starting to pack.

batch number 1.

after batch 2 or 3.
i know it just looks messier but in real life,
the volume of clothes really decreased!!
just that..i dont know why i cant manage to capture it. hurhur.

phoshoot for cover this week.
becks just played some super hiphop music
and dancing chacha with the props.
totally weird. :)

preparing stock in for KISSJANE

More spastic shots.

this was nearing the end, we have to excuse Becks.

her 80's shot.
i had a really crazy one of her bouncing around and waving the sash
but i thought..i shall spare her. heh.

STILL working.

we had to grab macs in the end
(and in our suay-bongness, the 24hours macs we chose..
actually closed at 11pm that very day,
to do housekeeping.
i am not too sure how the last few hours of yesterday went
but it involved shoving fries into my mouth,
updating reg mail numbers and oh yes, the bed.
with a indelible image of gmail inbox imprinted in my mind.

today we are starting late with stock-ins.
Sharmie will be slogging her ass off with phoshop
and i shall dutifully go back to office and be a pack-rat.

*isn't it weird that the busier we get,
the more we blog?

much love,


we worked for 15 hours straight, only stopping to break for lunch while waiting for the rain to stop.
i've forgotten what it feels like to work like that ever since i said goodbye to corporate life, but this - this madness - is strangely very motivating. 
that said, i've never been so thankful to be going for my facial and neck/shoulder massage tomorrow. my eyebags and dark rings are starting to scare the hell outta me.
xoxo, sharon

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i can't seem to recall any other time as crazy as this - these few weeks have sapped the life outta both of us. the back-to-back flying, parcelling, incessant stock-ups; needless to say spending my weekends on gruelling photoshoots and long hours working on the photos. did i mention before that my resolution this year would be to dress up more, to hell with the physical work that we do on a day-to-day basis? okayyyyy i'm taking that back. am having zero motivation now to dress up due to (1) the lack of sleep (2) the amount of work to be done (3) the weird weather. if only i could go to work in my oversized PE tee and fbt shorts tomorrow - sometimes i think we should just cut ourselves some slack; everyone needs some time off now and then, don't we all? 
but i digress.
'twas supposed to be my off day today, having worked the weekend for the launch, but there was some important work to be done so i dragged my lazyass back to office - had wanted to do this alone and then meet the boy after that but he insisted on driving me there, helped me out with the stockcount and then made me laugh till my sides ached 'cos he appeared from a corner wearing our wig, complete with our usual straw hat. no pictures 'cos he'd kill me if i put it up but he looked like stephen chow straight outta kungfu hustle. HAHAHAHA.
that done, he fetched me to and fro where i needed to go and waited till i settled everything. thank god we managed to sneak in a movie before dinner... felt so bad that i kinda wasted his off day running my errands but he had no complains :) times like these i feel i need to count my blessings. 
can't wait for this week to be over so both of us can finally take a breather - haven't been to the gym these two weeks due to the workload... ugh. will need to schedule in a session or two before i head to japan next week and stuff myself silly with ramen, sashimi and snow crabs. mm-mmmm.
its back to the office in 7 hours; hopefully the gmail limit will be reset by then so we'll be able to reply you girls! have a fabbbb week ahead.
xoxo, sharon
p/s: i tweet more than i blog, so add me if you wish! the name's "druggedreams" :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

the pre-CNY rush

Am rendered completely useless by gmail's sent mail limit
so i couldnt do anything useful for the past 5 hours.
No invoicing, no verifying of payments,
no answering of queries of anything kind.
Fret not, we will be back in business tonight :)

Seeing that i had the luxury of time,
i was SUPPOSED to go gym and clock some mileage.
SUPPOSED to go drop off some of my lib books.
SUPPOSED to spend a good quiet afternoon
chewing chicky nuggets like what i told the BF.
But then i took a look at my weary battered body
and decided it was better to sleep the day away.
Feeling slightly refreshed now,
its gonna be late nights from today til next week.
But this is the pre- CNY rush that i both love and hate,
there is this fission of excitement from knowing you have
just so much work to tackle and conquer.
And this slight dread from the huge volume
that you ain't sure if it is ever gonna end.

This week's BKK haul was minimal..
we agreed that the special part of the day
was the mani&pedicures :)

bright colours on the hands
(cos they never last anyway)
and nudes on the feet
(predicted correctly we wont have time to re-pedicure them)

drinks to match our nails.

the very very nondescript looking Penang Prawn Mee
that i absolutely love.

In a bid to wear these shoes again,
i conjured a very un-me outfit.

zip front leather jacket (!!!!!)
skimpy thin L-sized tank top worn as dress (cotton on)
beloved shoes that give the BF headache (FEP)

sashimi to end off a hard work week
its happy food for me :)

and a very simple garlic rice that we both love.
so much so that the BF was GarlicBread Man for the evening.

Fortunate enough to have Sat afternoon free
after working the morning..
we actually had time to sit down at Starbucks

He played his iPhone.

and I read fash mags for inspirations.

Not too bad a week after all.
We will be having a late night phoshoot tomorrow
after packing and mailing and not dying on way to PO.
In case you haven realised,
we are launching earlier this week on thurs night
so u can get your parcels mailed out all nice and early for CNY!
Am now praying for gmail to reset limit asap
cos my fingers are itching to click 'send'.

much love,

Monday, January 17, 2011

je ne sais quoi

Its 2.34am and finally the end of a super hectic work week for me.
I am dead beat and shagged to the bones,
but weirdly, adrenaline is pumping from somewhat somewhere
and my mind just cant get to sleep yet.

Monday was supposed to be rest day but empty racks somewhere were yelling for a stock-up
so me and sharmie went in bright and early on Monday morning to prep stocks and stock in.
And i thought, heck, since i am already in the office,
i stayed and packed parcels from weekend mails.
Then tues & wed was spent in bkk bkk bkk.
Loving the food there.

i am seriously addicted to this.

Starbucks appeared at our hotel! :)

And when we touched down at 1plus am on thursday morning,
both of us actually went back, bathed...
and entered gmail to write envelopes.
official workaholics, i tell ya.

stacks of envelopes waiting to be packed. erps.

We went into office early on thurs morning,
packed for one whole batch, dragged it to PO
(i pulled some shoulder muscle or smth)
then off to scare our suppliers with our eyebags. heh.
before returning to office for second bunch of mails.
All these dragging, pulling and lifting is killing me.
I swear one of my arms will be longer than the other 
sooner or later.
Met up with stan&colin for dinner, yippees to load of laughter.

top (missypixie) skirt (topshop) 

Thankfully there was no phoshoot on friday
so we had all the time in the world to restock racks
and unpack cargo, then reassemble the office
into something more live-able
so becks wont come in and tsk tsk at us again.

Finally wore my maxi skirt as a skirt instead of a lazy tube dress!

maxi swing skirt (missypixie)
tube top (topshop)

Sat was phoshoot day (bahhh to no sleep-ins)
and before i knew it, half the day was gone,
and i needed to get home for a wedding dinner.

Went to ECP with the intention of cycling,
but instead, had a burger and went home to sleep.

Love wedding dinners. Its such a nice time to dress up :)

then voila, its sunday, and invoicing time.
seriously, i am terribly pissed and upset
cos invoicing took forever for this post
which explains why 4 hours later, i am just done.
and ready to throw away mackiebaby.
I would get a new comp if i could,
but i think i just missed the free RAM upgrade
and i wanna stab meself. :(

Off to BKK again this week cos we are frantically stocking up
for CNY and post-CNY
(like hibernating bears-to-be)
so i guess this week looks pretty much repeated.

We are planning to go the extra mile for the post before CNY this year
but nothing is firmed up yet.
Hope the plan works though,
cos i really want everyone to get their CNY outfits by then!

And lastly, whats making me laugh this week:

(you gotta know hokkien to geddit, but loosely translated:
me: " nice dinner n pah toh (hokkien for date)"
him: "why u wanna beat (pah also means beat in hokkien) toh?"\

I don't know if its just me who is easily amused or him who is witty
but i get pretty tickled by these convos. :)

much love,