Monday, January 10, 2011

blushing daisies

Got a weekday off last week
cos sis wanted a family gathering before she goes back to work
and as much as we wanted a holiday,
it didn't work out in the end :(

We settled for going to town
(which is rare for my dad)
and shopping our hearts out.
Its weird that the older i get,
the more time i want to spend with my family.
I thought i would have wanted more time out with friends, the BF
but on weekends, i find myself rolling back home
when i have nothing more to do
and bringing the parents out for dinner, just because.
As i see them getting older year by year,
I am reminded about how able and omnipotent
they used to seem to me,
and now, how the roles seemed to have reversed
and there i am,
nagging them about life theories and such.

my mum cant smile.
No really, i am not kidding.

my dad is much much better, haha.
omg, if mum knows this is online,
she would KILL ME.

see what i mean?
she really cant smile!!

I am happy that we went out that day as a family.
Happier that we took silly photos and laughed at each other.
I really wish for more days like that :)

Anyway, this post title came about
cos i found myself in shades of nude&blush the past week.

was in a nude valleygirl dress
(which i tried to manufacture cos the cut is lovely
but the front design kills the manufacturers apparently)
and cream cardi from mango.

And on one random night,
i was surfing online when i msg-ed Mella to tell her randomly
"Ardois from Balenciaga 2011 is BEAUUUUUUTIFUL"

i would LOVE it in Work with Silver hardware.
credits to lovebbags

and that dear girl decided to msg her fav salesgirl from club21
to ask if SG has that colour
(which we all thought was impossible, since SG normally has weird colours)
Salesgirl replied with...

A picture of Ardios Work in Silver hardware.
Now can i just die pls?

I went down to the Balenciaga outlet that day
and checked it out in real life,
its colour is a cross between these 2 pics u see.
Less grey grey than the first pic,
but less blue-ish than the second pic.
Kinda blue grey?
Its impossible to describe, interested parties
should just roll down IMMEDIATELY i tell you
cos i bet this colour will fly off the shelves in a wink.

I kinda liked it but its in the exact colour range as
the Anthra and Blue Roi and i wanted something more nude
so this baby here caught my eye..

Praline in Rose Gold hardware.
credits to lovebbags
Surprising cos i always thought Praline was super light
but the real colour is pretty close to this one pictured.
And if i could, i won't get it in RGGH cos the blue roi is heavy enough
but SG wont be bringing in regular or silver hardware.

I know the nude would be a bitch with all the denim colour transfer
and dirt stains (cos i do leave my bags on the floor, eeks)
but but but, i can't help it.
Its love at first sight.
Am NOT getting it. (erp, not now anyways)
and still thinking about it, all day, all the time,
*its just that i really want a work* mumbles.

Okay, enough of bag lemmings.
Met up with Jiawen that day
(if you didn't already know, she won the MP girl contest
with whooping 394votes or smth!)
it was really an exciting finish
cos she and the runner-up were really really close
and everytime me and sharmie hit the refresh button,
the numbers change. wheee.

hope u love it Jiawen!
she is really sweet and kept saying thank you, haha.
i hoped the whole buying&trying experience wasn't too hasty for her.

And this is what i meant by shades of blush&nude!

blazer (topshop) inner tank (missypixie) shorts (missypixie)
am super gek cos i bought this blazer for $100plus
then i went to manufacture the willow blazer BECKS in blush
and realised they are really almost the same shade.

and by the way, i love this cover shot.
And if you thought the bubbles were fake, HELLO,
it was done by yours truly standing at one side,
frantically blowing bubbles towards sharmie or becks.
hur hur.

And to end this lengthy post off..
here is a stupid conversation between the BF and me:

we always just answer our own questions.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Kelly i really need your help! I'm trying to compare the prices to see where should i get my bal bag. Do you have any idea if the bal bag will be cheaper over in bkk or in Sg's outlet? If yes, roughly how much will it cost for a giant city in bkk? do reply! thanks

missypixie said...

hi i am not sure how much it costs in BKK but i think its cheaper there cos i did the comparison once last year :)

Anonymous said...

Omg your valleygirl dress is stunning! Can you manufacture it? :D

missypixie said...

oh we tried but the suppliers cant do it, so we are modifying it now to see what comes out!