Wednesday, January 26, 2011

gmail inbox (0)

I consider it a personal achievement
everytime i manage to battle gmail inbox into submission
and hit zero new mails.
An incredible feat these days cos the limit keeps resetting
and i keep staring at mails longingly,
but am unable to answer to any of them.

Yesterday was...crazy.
like sharmie said, no break at all
except when it rained and we could do nothing
then..okay, lets just eat.
Like an afterthought.
I was starving the whole day
and running on adrenaline and madness.

We did phoshoot til 11plus pm with poor Becks,
trying to coax out that last few moments of sunshine
before she too, faded away with fatigue.
-cues loads of hysterical laughter
with no idea why-

Remember the new year resolution of dressing better
since we are young once and we should make full use of it?

i wanted tank top and shorts but thought i should make an effort.
who cares if the vest stayed on as long as the ride to office
and came off the moment i was inside
(then subsequently got lost in the mess of clothes
and left behind, and is still sitting under my chair or smth)

Office happenings..

starting to pack.

batch number 1.

after batch 2 or 3.
i know it just looks messier but in real life,
the volume of clothes really decreased!!
just that..i dont know why i cant manage to capture it. hurhur.

phoshoot for cover this week.
becks just played some super hiphop music
and dancing chacha with the props.
totally weird. :)

preparing stock in for KISSJANE

More spastic shots.

this was nearing the end, we have to excuse Becks.

her 80's shot.
i had a really crazy one of her bouncing around and waving the sash
but i thought..i shall spare her. heh.

STILL working.

we had to grab macs in the end
(and in our suay-bongness, the 24hours macs we chose..
actually closed at 11pm that very day,
to do housekeeping.
i am not too sure how the last few hours of yesterday went
but it involved shoving fries into my mouth,
updating reg mail numbers and oh yes, the bed.
with a indelible image of gmail inbox imprinted in my mind.

today we are starting late with stock-ins.
Sharmie will be slogging her ass off with phoshop
and i shall dutifully go back to office and be a pack-rat.

*isn't it weird that the busier we get,
the more we blog?

much love,


Jen said...

Just curious, how much u all spend to buy all the photoshoot equipment? (:

missypixie said...

Good question! We can't remember cos we got it secondhand from someone and we offset the final costs with some other business stuff! Complicated!

Anonymous said...

The envelops are printed with your brand name? (:

missypixie said...