Monday, January 3, 2011

well, hello 2011.

First post of the year falls to..ME!!
(cos sharmie is down with food poisoning, eekss)
Anyway, i have a habit of making new year resolutions
(even though some fail spectacularly)
and looking back at the year that just passed.

2010 was a year of change.
I ended a partnership with another friend
(hello babe, you know we are better off as friends than partners. hahaha)
and learnt that not everyone can be a business partner,
even though they can be really good friends.
I had this limbo period of uncertainty fluctuating between jobs
and handling the stores and shops
and finally settled down when Sharmie quit her day job
and focused on MP full-time.
And I am bloody happy she did, cos finally,
we are putting our words into actions and we could do so much more.
I am grateful MP grew this year
and we didn't rot and die somewhere
and that our friendship survived the test of working together, 24/7.
Here is me being mushy:
thank you sharms, for being accommodating when i was bossy,
and many many other things :)

In no particular order, i..
got engaged
had LASIK (which screwed up real bad)
got new gadgets (even if i am a tech-idiot)
changed my hair-do (WHOO HOOO)
bought more bags
welcomed another nephew
spent more time with the girls
went overseas to somewhere other than BKK (wow)
went gym more often
saved more money
yaddas yaddas.
All in all, i think 2010 was a good year spent :)

Now I am crossing over to the mid to late 20s
suddenly, i feel like going back to uni days
when all i worried about was..assignments
projects, readings and dance. heh heh.
this, i believe, is a worrying sign of old age.

this year, i resolve to...
1) grow my dear MP. (using my 101 secret methods, tee hee hee)
2) save more money for the wedding
3) gym more often cos my cost per trip is still damn high
4) dress up more often
(i used to only dress up when i was going somewhere
but i figured that i am only young once
and if i dont wear nice stuff now, i cant wear them anymore!!
5) end 2011 with no regrets.

Now, enough of the heavy stuff, on to the pics!

ta da! librarian chic!
dress (ness) cardi (fep) belt (charles&keith)

spent all my time and money on LASIK
then i go ahead and bought specs to wear. weird.

i was supposed to look smart.
(then u realised i am reading..
HARRY POTTER. hahahhaha)

And on the very next day
i decided to do something totally different :)

the BF said i look like a zoo keeper.

shirt (missypixie) belt (missypixie) tank dress (topshop)

new shoes alert! i have been dying for a pair of grunge shoes
for the longest time.
(sharmie would know, haha)
and everyone kept asking me what can i wear with them??
cos my entire wardrobe is .... nevermind.
and i was planning to tweak my style but then i got curls
and it got slightly complicated and..
actually, why am i rambling on so much???

Lastly..we spent the last mins of 2010 at his place
with a cosy home-made dinner and..

managed to catch fireworks at some random field in Punggol!
how lucky :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm thinking of going for Lasik too. If you don't mind, can you share on what happened for your lasik, please?


missypixie said...

Hi dear, actually I think it's just me! Haha! I went for it once but during the surgery, after the laser cutting of the cornea flaps, my surgeon was unable to lift it up cos the cuts were not deep enough. So I basically went through the discomfort n recovery process (n suffered from blur eyesight for two weeks) but my vision didn't get corrected! At the second attempt, I didnt even manage to do the surgery cos my pupils were too dilated from the eyedrops n I waited 8 hours! On the third try, I did the surgery but had blurred eyesight for about 10 days or so after that for one eye so it was kinda hard to work n such!

missypixie said...

But it's slowly getting better now n of cos I am happy that I don't have to rely on contacts but do note, with every surgery, there is risk of cos!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, Kelly. I'm glad that you're slowly receovering. I'll consider if I still want to go for lasik, bearing the pros and potential risks in mind :)

Happy 2011!