Monday, February 28, 2011

ama-ra ah ah ah

Busy week just went by, and i much rather time passes that way
then to slowly tick by and disappear into nothingness.

Went off to BKK early last week to restock on goods
and had lip-smacking roadside dinner in Chinatown.
The prawns are worth the cholesterol.

I am undisturbed about how dirty the roadside stalls might be.

grilled scallops and loads of grilled prawns.
ahhhhhhh, bliss.

had fun in new hotel room, photowhoring with Ber :)

Ber = mysterious stranger.

then i suggested crazy bed jump shots

turned out to be a crazily noisy idea.
yes, sharmie was really asking me

she jumped one whole round til her butt faced camera.
omg, i could die for posting this up!

3 girls = 3 sets of toiletries.

our very small room. :)
it was nice and cosy but waaaay far from shopping
so we booked in advance like kiasu people
for our usual hotel.

we did gelish nails!
which is supposed to be chip resistant and last for 3 weeks.
true enough, everything looks good still. :)

took off early on friday to celebrate the BF's bday.


wore my newly acquired mustard top from BKK :)
it came in super limited pcs so i got one for meself,
stocked the rest into Kissjane and it sold out on 1st day, wheee.
pity BF said i my mum.

We were supposed to be shopping for his present but...

i got tired of waiting for my prada wallet
and getting lousy service from Prada salesppl
so i walked into Ferragamo on a whim
and got this red cutie :)

see what i mean by my miu being so cui
i am almost embarrassed to take it out in public?
lesson learnt - NEVER get soft untreated calf leather wallets.

booked Amara Sanctuary for attempt to surprise BF.
I say attempt cos
a) i actually need him to drive me there,
so venue is not much of a secret.
b) i secretly asked his friends to pop by and surprise! him
but he is naturally suspicious and keeps wondering why am
i msg-ing non-stop

other people get peacock crap infront of their window
i get a feather! :)

wore this ruched bodice dress up for launch on MP soon,
but in a darker purple. Mine is lilac grey :)

age doesn't deter them from being spastic. haha.

visited some candyland at RWS

i thought this was damn funny.

had plenty of meat. can die from indigestion. ahhh.

and the much talked about Molten Lava cake which was..
a-okay la. nothing much :(

got a few business meetings scheduled for this week
and meetups with old friends and family.
am pretty sure this would be a good week too :)

much love,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

date night.

inspired by natalie portman and ashton kutcher in no strings attached, we decided to go on a date last night instead of the usual eat-around-the-neighbourhood/lets-stay-in-and-watch-cable/playing-rock-band-on-ps3, and it turned out to be quite swell :) 

have been wanting to check out this place since i had a photoshoot there for my fyp some 2 years ago - and so we did.

desperately trying to find creamed spinach for the one he had at morton's was effing good.

requested for the chef to cream our spinach for us but alas it wasn't quite the kind we were looking for. anyhow, beef ribs for him and angus for me, with potato puree on the side. 

yums! 'twas one of the best steaks i've had (nowhere near the kobe beef i had in japan though).
definitely going back there again.

and then like the old days, we visited our fave haunt, boozed a lil, before heading home.

the boy and i have now made a pact to follow our diets and eat simply on the weekdays, then throw caution to the wind and stuff ourselves with good food on the weekends. i is liking the idea veryverymuch. 

that aside, preview of tonight's collection is up! i is loving our embellished maxi dress veryverymuch, i can't decide which colours to get. thought i'd go for the navy but i already have a navy one so perhaps i'm going with the white!

super intricate details - look at the amount of work that went into this piece!
must say our supplier did quite a fab job.

am also eyeing a few other pieces from this collection.. aaaahhh. 

p/s: if you haven't added yourself as a fan of missypixie on facebook, please do so! previews are up a few hours before the actual launch so you can decide whether to stay home to wait for the launch or not ok ;)

shop away tonight!


Monday, February 21, 2011

and the world goes round and round and round.

Post V-day, last week was boring :(
there are no more holidays to look forward to til 2 months later
and i really doubt I am going for any overseas trip this year.
weddings are expensive affairs. so are toilet renovations. haha.

heading for BKK tomorrow and i am half excited, half dreading it.
heard horror stories of how there are no new stocks
and everything is on sale.
and we switched hotels at the last min cos the usual one is full
so now we are staying in some funky back alley. wheeee.

Not much pics this weekend cos i had a super slack one.

here are the crazy girls we see at least once a week.
sometimes, we laugh so hard at nothing in particular. :)

they said sharmie looked like some biker chick
and asked her to pose with her 'motorbike'

i apparently look like lil' bo peep with her sheep
so Candy is erm, my sheep.
I am feeding her real leaves that we accidentally plucked
off this gigantic pomelo. No kidding.

BIG BIG pomelo.

Sat was spent at ECP cycling (finally, and no i did not sneak off
after a burger and fries. we cycled, really)

the weather was erratic and it rained and shined and rained
again in the 2 hours we were there.
We went back again in the evening for prawning with the family
and i never had so expensive prawns in my life. mauahhaha.

Oh yes, and i finally did something to the blog template.
felt all of 17years old again when fiddling with blog html
but am glad now the archives list no longer looks silly
and the whole layout is clean :)

much love,