Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥ actually.

No MP post last week, V-day this week,
shopping by myself on a weekday at Vivo,
i feel like its another CNY long weekend again! :)

got these rust-coloured shorts from topshop.
I shop like a man, really.
I have a shopping list, then i go around looking for those items
and i dont buy anything unrelated. wowee.

Here is an influx of pics cos i am half-watching TVB
and cant really blog properly. wahahahhaa.

got a casual day maxi from cotton on
and piled on accessories like a xmas tree, haha.

got new rings as well!

Valentine's Day was WONDERFUL. :)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE it and i wanna replay it over&over again!

Checking in at Level 55 cos the BF got the Club Room,
i think the lady who works there has the best view ever.

wore this full lace dress, with ballet flats.

i like that the sleeves are unlined.

i am obsessed with hotel bathrooms.
i want my future bathrooms to look like this!

we actually only wanted to charge the phone
then this docking station just started playing the ipod playlist.

view from the room!

small small cars.

this is apparently the sea view.
kinda awful cos there is construction still going on,
so its good thing we opted for city view :)

we had complimentary meals at The Club (lounge)
the wagyu beef cheeks & king salmon confit are to die for.

all ready for the infinity pool!

dinner outfit: Brianna Dress (missypixie)

here is a better shot of the details.
i totally love this dress :)

earrings from my recent shopping spree. erps.

Dinner was special, we opted for JING at One Fullerton
instead of the usual European/Italian/Jap cuisine.

Dessert was courtesy of Sharmie, haha.

wore my new navy ankle crop pants the next day!
(see what i meant by me being one-minded about shopping?)

Went to Marina Barrage for fun
and was shocked to see so many people flying kites!
On a weekday! geez, don't they work/study?
we spent a very happy 1 hour, sitting in the shade,
with no kites, and watching ppl run around crazily.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where is the full lace dress from? Thanks!

lizzie said...

<3 the lace dress, where's it from? i'm a big fan of those hokkaido chocs! aren't they addictive?;)

Anonymous said...

OOMG! Rylee black no more? I saw it at What's available post not logn ago. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, may I know where you got your navy ankle pants from? Thanks. Gina.

lynn said...

i love the brianna dress! u look darn good in it~~ :) glad u and YC had a good vday.. hehe

missypixie said...

Hi anon & Lizzie, the dress is from Dorothy Perkins! those Hokkaido cookies are fattening!! Haha but love them :)

missypixie said...

Yup, Rylee was sold out sometime back! But only managed to update the status now!

missypixie said...

Hi Gina, pants are from mango :)

Lynnie!! I actually wanted to keep this dress for the ROM! Haha but thought I was being kiasu.

mesmerized said...

Looking good babe! :)
Great bumping into u @ Forever New ystd! haha
Did u get anything?

missypixie said...

thank you! nope, didnt get anything, was just browsing around!

Anonymous said...

pls manufacture a lace dress like the one you had it on! :)

Anonymous said...

Please manufacture a silmilar lace dress in black and in sizes?

26km said...

whats the name of this lace dress? Have been looking for it!

missypixie said...

Dorothy :)