Monday, February 21, 2011

and the world goes round and round and round.

Post V-day, last week was boring :(
there are no more holidays to look forward to til 2 months later
and i really doubt I am going for any overseas trip this year.
weddings are expensive affairs. so are toilet renovations. haha.

heading for BKK tomorrow and i am half excited, half dreading it.
heard horror stories of how there are no new stocks
and everything is on sale.
and we switched hotels at the last min cos the usual one is full
so now we are staying in some funky back alley. wheeee.

Not much pics this weekend cos i had a super slack one.

here are the crazy girls we see at least once a week.
sometimes, we laugh so hard at nothing in particular. :)

they said sharmie looked like some biker chick
and asked her to pose with her 'motorbike'

i apparently look like lil' bo peep with her sheep
so Candy is erm, my sheep.
I am feeding her real leaves that we accidentally plucked
off this gigantic pomelo. No kidding.

BIG BIG pomelo.

Sat was spent at ECP cycling (finally, and no i did not sneak off
after a burger and fries. we cycled, really)

the weather was erratic and it rained and shined and rained
again in the 2 hours we were there.
We went back again in the evening for prawning with the family
and i never had so expensive prawns in my life. mauahhaha.

Oh yes, and i finally did something to the blog template.
felt all of 17years old again when fiddling with blog html
but am glad now the archives list no longer looks silly
and the whole layout is clean :)

much love,


rc said...

hi kelly, random question here...what is the font in your blog header? so pretty!

Anonymous said...

hi! just curious is your office located at cityplaza and roughly what is the estimated rent?

missypixie said...

hi RC, i am not sure about the font so i will let sharon get back to u about that!

nope, we are not located at city plaza!

missypixie said...

rc: hi dear, its called "cursive standard" :)

Hui Rong said...

Hi, may i know if it is still possible to purchase the mustard top from BKK? i am very interested in it!!!


missypixie said...

hi dear, would see if there are any left in BKK!