Thursday, February 10, 2011

NEW new year resolutions

I have given serious thought to my previous new year resolutions
and decided to re-resolve them. haha.
I am going to break them up into categories
(cos this apparently helps one to stay focused
and achieve the overall result using little steps)

So under Health this year, I resolve to:
1. Eat proper breakfast.
This is really harder than it sounds
cos of our weird working hours
and i end up starving at mid-day
and about to chew Sharmie up.
so...i will buy brekkie the night before
or grab a pack of Milo, cereal, yoghurt
on the way.
Of course, if i have breakfasts like hers

i bet i wont have to worry.

2. To eat healthily if i can.
I know it sounds duh, but what i meant is that
if i have a choice, ie. KFC or foodcourt,
i am supposed to choose the latter instead
of bouncing towards fried chicken anytime.
Actually, all the time :(
Thus, gotta cut out most fast food
in exchange for severe weakness for chicken wings.

3. Really go to the gym more often.
I am hitting the gym once a week
which works out to a hefty $25/visit (AHHH)
and the wedding is less than a year away so if i am
supposed to lose some fats and gain some muscle mass,
i think this is the only time to do it.

For Beauty:

1. Apply my 1001 creams.
I am a beauty whore, really.
I hoard creams, serums and gels like nobody's business
and i can unblinkingly splurge on a face cream
without a second thought.
In the day, i am alright,
i do what i do to look okay
But when it comes to night,
i collapse into bed faster than you can say "SK-II"
So i resolve to slap on all those creams possible
(since i already got them!!)

2. Go for facials regularly.
I do have a facial package
but usually, am too bogged down with work
to remember to book in advance.
So I am planning to set reminders and book in advance
so i would have facials planned monthly!

3. Do self-masking twice a week!
I already self-mask with SK-II once a week,
but i think i might just find another gentle face mask
and do it weekly as well :)


1. Edit edit edit the wardrobe.
I am not suggesting you throw out something
everytime u get something new
but dump whatever you haven't touch in a year.
I just did that, and i still have plenty left though.
Also, i just reluctantly dumped my 2 fav bags
the past 2 month and as much i hate to do so,
nothing ruins a outfit like scruffy shoes and bags :(
Will just remind myself,
there are better things out there
and i can always get another replacement :)

2. Outfit Shots.
I do outfit shots not because i think i dress so well
i deserve to share it with the entire world.
I do it because everyday, when i plan my outfits,
i would remind myself that i have to make it
outfit-shot worthy.
Then i would ask myself,
can i add a blazer? some accessories?
not use the usual footwear?
or wear it in a totally different way?
And i find that this helps me
make an effort in the way i dress.
And even though most of the time,
i am togged out in MP outfits,
its not cause I am doing blatant advertising.
But more of the fact that i really believe
i can take a usual MP shirt
and mix and match it into my wardrobe
or style it differently from what you see online.

here goes,
hope this helps you girls re-define your resolutions too!

much love,


lizzie said...

Hi Kelly, could you share your fave creams/serums please? there's so many out there that it's overwhelming...want to know what you like/think are good/worked best for you. Thanks:D

Anonymous said...

hi! are you girls hiring at the moment? :)

missypixie said...

Hey lizzie! Will try to do one up when w
I have the time :)

missypixie said...

Sorry anon, now is generally the lull period so we won't be needing a girl yet :)

Jasmine said...

^5! I clear out my wardrobe yearly too, and give away the clothes I haven't worn at all for the year. After all, need to make space for new ones hehe :P

missypixie said...

Haha, did it make a difference? Cos it didnt seem so for me!!

Anonymous said...

hey kelly! :D

i used to not put my creams too but as long as you force yourself to do it for sometime, it generally becomes a habit and you'll feel weird without putting! (:

don't waste your creams :D

Anonymous said...

hi kelly! omg, i really want to clear my clothings too but i haven clear them for like 3 or 4yrs alrdy! gosh.. hahah! can i ask you gave your clothings to who? or where do you leave them at? i totally got no clue as to where shall i throw or give to.

missypixie said...

Yah I know!! I need to develope the habit! Plus our skin regenerates the most when we are sleeping so why not right? Haha.

Oh gosh!! U need to clear your wardrobe already! Bet it's full of old stuff you don't wear anymore, haha. I used to keep the clothes in faint hope I can sell them off at fleas but it's almost impossible! So now I pass them to my sis's maid or the salvation army!