Monday, February 7, 2011

of endless mahjongs, pineapple tarts & cheesy songs

There goes my much-loved CNY holidays,
over in just 4 days of everything i said in the title.
We are taking a break this week cos Sharmie is still
in the land of sushi, sashimi and arigatos.
Lucky duck that girl. -sulks-
And I am making up for it by promising to
-blog more often (expect more posts this week!)
-pack our poor office
-compile design file for the next 3 months or so.
See, i am working, sharmie!

Just barely a week ago,
we were planted outside macs, having nuggets,
doing meet-ups and catching impromptu fireworks!

sharmie got these huge-ass pineapple tarts for me!!
saved my life cos i was starving.

yup, this is how big it is,
compared to a 20cent coin.

wore my nude shrug from BYSI as a top,
very versatile. me like.

the mini-eyes bunny look for CNY!

Mella came down for a surprise visit! :)

Day One of CNY:

red packets for the girls and the boys

we had flowers for the first time in years!
next time when i get my own place,
i am going to stuff it full of kumquats and pussywillows.
those nice furry little balls, love.

seriously, i love baby newphews just before they turn 2
(and terrible)
when they are nice, plump and smiley.

my sister. Can't believe she is the mother of 2 already. tsktsk.

red packet giving to donovan.
he gave me ONE orange, took the red packet
and wanted to walk away.

if its a red packet, is it still considered bribery
to get your own nephew to kiss you willingly? :)

gave one to baby isaac too!
oooh, fat chubby little paws!

wore JANICE multiway dress in the simplest way ever!
i dont have nubra and didnt wanna give the BF's gram a heart attack
so i wore an inner tube inside. haha.

haven done a french in ages.
I think i can never be those girls with 3D nail art
and all the blings and dings.
shoot me if i do it for the wedding,
cos i already decided on the classic french :)

Day Two of CNY:

wore TAYA tulle skirt dress!
but went ahead and tore the mesh during
a particularly excited game of mahjong
so now i got a hole in it :(

i love the lace and tulle combi.
ahhhhh :(

tong-ed my hair that day
so i get super curly curls.

Day Three of CNY with the girls:

dressed down with KANDI floral dress.
I wore it simple here but i cant wait to try it with
boots and sheer stockings.

i cant quite explain why but i love the prints on this dress.
I know when i pointed it out to sharmie,
she gave me a "huh, u sure?" look
cos i dont normally go for prints.

at Pasta Fresca with the girls.
funnily, we didnt do a group shot together. grumps.

had seafood soup, bread and couldnt finish pasta.

the watch i got for the BF's xmas present.
i would have loved it for myself though. hahaha.

Didnt managed to get any good pics of day 4's outfit
but here are my new fav shoes!

comes with super cute scribbling on the soles :)

and that, pretty much sums up my CNY.

much love,


Anonymous said...

where do u get your shoe? (:

Anonymous said...

are u engaged or married? when? I didn't know till I see you giving angpows. haha. (:

Anonymous said...

i love your flats! may i know where you got them?

Anonymous said...

hey kelly, really love your cny outfits. could u share what's the size of your chanel bag please? thank u:) - lizzie

missypixie said...

hi, shoes are from Bershka! i am engaged but not married yet, the angpows are for my nephews and part-timers :)

missypixie said...

hello lizzie, its a jumbo :)

Anonymous said...

thx for answering my question on the u find the jumbo too big or just nice for going out on the weekend? in your opinion do u feel getting a smaller size will limit where/when you can carry? i wanna get one, but i can't decide what size to get! thanks:) lizzie

missypixie said...

hmm, i actually think the size of the bag depends on your body frame! cos while the jumbo looks fine for it, it overwhelms my smaller sized friend when she carried it.
its actually a good size considering the things i need to carry around but if u are just using it for special occasions then maybe a medium might be more ideal!

LiLian said...


may i know how much you bought and the model of the watch? thanks

missypixie said...

Hi, I got it for approx 500, but I don't know the exact model! :)