Thursday, March 31, 2011

damn, i love my webcam.

in times of boredom, take pictures of self. you have no idea what dim lights combined with a lousy webcam can get you.
fyi, in case you are wondering, these pics were only edited for brightness and contrast.

managed to somehow get a good angle and voila! new facebook profile pic! and then stupid friends have to come and comment to ask if i digitally altered the image -.-
WHY!! i cannot look prettier than normal issit!! are there too many people out there altering their images that no one believes in real photos anymore?
so in the name of boredom, and to prove him terribly wrong, i decided to do some DI.. and with my pathetic photoshop skills, this would have been my DI-ed pic:

 i may have gone abit overboard with the eyes, hahaha. 
but you get the drift. took me so long to just liquify the eyes properly! but i still have one eyelid bigger than another - don't know how to rectify that la! im not so free to DI my images all the time man.
okay back to stoning and dealing with exchanges and refunds - huge PR nightmare, this one.
the week's ending girls! hang in there.


Monday, March 28, 2011

miss pickapenny

April is the month to SAVE.
Really. With the triple whammy of my wallet,
the BF's birthday and my new delicious macbook pro,
my bank account is leaking holes like a, like a..
leaking ship.
damn, i am bad at this.

So its a good month to resolve to save save save
eat cheaper food, (goodbye all you sashimi)
stop buying frivolous things
and stop STOP shopping.
this kills me :(
Which explains why i am so bored this week.
I love magazines. I really do.
I adore its shiny glossiness and new untouched pages
and i would buy a mag, not read it for a few days
just so i can stare at its pristine state
and dream about the unexpected surprises i might find inside.
If i could, i would buy $100 worth of mags monthly,
just to lay them side by side
and stare at them for a few days or so.
And revel in the happiness of having something new to read
each time i am bored. wow wee.
Just talking about this makes me high.
But all these glossies are expensive affairs
so this month i am clamping down on my reads. sighs.
And being skint means no random buys like hair masks
which i have been thinking about for the longest time
cos i have scared many friends by revealing i do not use serum
and now i am starting to think if i should take more care of my hair.
seeing that there are days it just...BOOMS.
I am obsessed with getting bouncy, soft, smooth curls
with just the right amount of shine.
My 'rich girl's hair'. But thats for another post.

And then, i cant shop.
And this is really tough cos i see clothes 24/7.
Each week there is an MP launch, i spend about 10 mins
clutching my orders book and struggling with my inner demons.
OHMYGOD should i buy, should i should i??!!
then either give up the slot to buyers
or jealously guard one available slot til i make up my mind.
craps. bad business sense.

Pics of the week coming up:

wore my furry elliephanie shrug
on the day when i had to rip open 8 boxes of cargo
and walk in the blazing sun twice. mad.

baby issac's expression when my mum is talking to him.

woke up early for brunch on sunday morning! :)
went to HALIA at botanical gardens.

decided to be andro and my mum said..
i was going to school. WHY WHY WHY.

huge-ass oysters from BKK.
they were really really really good.

The BF discovering the joys of photo apps on his iphone.

no time for him, busy invoicing.

peace out,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

it was only just a dream.

intense week.

both kel and i went back to the office on a saturday to pack all the backorders 'cos we weren't able to finish everything in time on friday :(( plus, prepped about 200 items for KissJane no.2 - if you haven't already heard, yes, we will be available at Bugis Junction, come April 1st! we're extremely stoked about that, even if it means extra work for us - we were the ones who urged the owners of KissJane to try out for a space in Bugis and by a stroke of luck, they got it! so naturally we were one of the first to be invited to the second outlet.. 
how could we say no? ;)

and in the midst of sourcing, packing, stocking, setting up meetings with vendors, i managed to:
cut my hair,


and continue our trend of Date Night Saturdays.

the folks have gone to sydney for a vacay with dajie and the little one and its terribly quiet at home, but im kinda loving it. no nagging at 3 in the morn, no naughty boy waking me up with his tantrums. that, and the ability to leave all my shoes on the shoemat (trust me, there are like 10 pairs now), leaving my bath towel everywhere but on the towel hanger, and pottering around the house in lingerie (hahahahaha).
and then i think of all the housekeeping i have to do before they return on tuesday and i think im terribly screwed. sigh. time for some chores. 
bit by bit, bit by bit.

a new revelation this week and i think, damn, im good at this thingmajig. i can't help but feel oh gosh you are so pathetic, i don't know where to start. they say forgive and forget but if you must know, i'm not angelic like that. i've always wished for karma to bite you in your very sorry ass, threefold, maybe more. morbidly speaking, knowing this somehow relieves me. 
happy wasting, you.

aside, new packer coming in for training this coming week! hope she'll be able to relieve some of our burden. 
plus, lunch with the Sentosa ex-colleagues tomorrow, meeting the website vendor on wed, the advert person on thurs, and grafus' housewarming on the weekend. 
the week sounds amazing already. can't wait!


Friday, March 25, 2011


hello gmail, i find you depressing.
am in a bad slump of sorts and feeling all weird and grumpy.
like a bad case of PMS -
except the timing doesn't match and i am supposed to be over it already.
glum is a good word.

even buying a few outfits from the recent trip is not doing me good.

wore my brand new bustier with my not so new shorts
cos it went away for replicating and yes, its coming to MP soon :)

am also producing this lovely crochet dress.
the sample was fantastic, a one look & approve kind.

the above accounts for 30% of the happiness i associate with BKK
(the remaining 70% is split between more food and shopping and
cute manicures, see below)
its...ZAAB. from KFC.
something like spicy drumlets but i haven eaten that in a long while
so i am not sure if its exactly the same.
Anyway, its so good that when ppl go BKK
and ask me what to eat, i dont say phad thai or tomyum.
i say...ZAAB! loves.

new way to do hair.

i LOVE gel nail polish, seriously.
cos i was chip-free for 2 weeks and so.
but it KILLS the nail cos they buff it to 4mm of its life
to remove the polish.
and sometimes, they buff your cuticles as well.

Doing my second fanciful manicure of my life -

First..a bubblegum pink base

and then the lady paints, yes PAINTS the design on
bit by bit according to what you asked for.

sharmie scallop edged cloud nails.

mine! all done!

sharmies's! damn cute!!!!

and you are gonna kiss me for this,
cos i am about to provide u with a detailed map of how to get
to fab nail place.

Exterior of nail place.
it looks erps la, but who cares when u get cute nails.

So you go to MBK first, second level,
locate the exit between BOOTS and WATSONS,
get out of MBK (there are travelators outside the exit)
head to your right, the first nail place on your left.

Lastly, dont have hotel breakfast if you are in BKK!
go out and get some crispy crepes.

banana&choc and floss&egg are good bets.

and we finally got to try the express train
from makkasan that goes directly to the airport,
with no stops in between.

clean. quiet. loads of space for fiddly luggages.
and fast.
(for a moment, i thought i was going to miss my flight
cos i was being a bimbo doing my pedicure.)

that's all.
mildly perked by trip's pics and now i am back to being..

fantastic word, don't ya think?

much glumness,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

is it this dancing juice?

the week always seems to be so much longer when we are not flying - not that im complaining though. finally met up with my Vases again - well we named ourselves so because when in JC, our motto was to "just sit there and look pretty in all situations" - hahaha.

(L-R): entrepreneur (you don't know how much i abhor the term blogshop owner), SPH radio exec, sec school teacher, dad's righthandwoman/insurance agent, inspector, maritime lawyer. missing the fash hag from URBAN and a 100.3FM deejay - im glad we are all in places we are proud of. nine years and counting.

3 blackberries vs 3 iphones. we were the noisiest group at tcc that night, playing three rounds of charadium and dissing hanis' pathetic drawing skills. just like the good old days. 
some things don't change and im glad for that.

goin' grunge.

date night no. 3 - finally checked out The French Stall.

act shy only.

he had steak (againnnn) and i chose duck confit with foie gras, ooh lala.

the baked alaska that everyone raved about.

too cloyingly sweet for my liking though. and the boy was still hungry after the meal. i think we can never go for fine french dining because he would probably eat 10 courses and feel only 10 percent full -.-"'

seeing that this week was a less hectic week, both me and kel took time off to brainstorm and plan for missypixie's growth this year - main KPIs are to grow our brand, pour more dollars into advertising, put in more effort into styling for our shoots, and of course, pushing for more WILLOW label apparel! lots of ideas to be put into actions, exciting much :) 
first up, we added more thought into styling this week and i decided to clean up our layout:

see the WILLOW label at the top left hand corner of the image? means the item is exclusively manufactured by us and you shouldn't be able to find it anywhere else! there are three such items for this week's collection - just posted up the preview so head to to view ok!

and at the risk of being naggy here... if you haven't added yourself as a fan to our fan page, please do so asap because besides getting previews and first-hand updates about restocks and backorders, we will also be holding more Facebook contests to reward our customers - with plenty of goodies to be won!
 what's not to love?
have a fab week ahead girls and enjoy this week's collection! ;)