Friday, March 25, 2011


hello gmail, i find you depressing.
am in a bad slump of sorts and feeling all weird and grumpy.
like a bad case of PMS -
except the timing doesn't match and i am supposed to be over it already.
glum is a good word.

even buying a few outfits from the recent trip is not doing me good.

wore my brand new bustier with my not so new shorts
cos it went away for replicating and yes, its coming to MP soon :)

am also producing this lovely crochet dress.
the sample was fantastic, a one look & approve kind.

the above accounts for 30% of the happiness i associate with BKK
(the remaining 70% is split between more food and shopping and
cute manicures, see below)
its...ZAAB. from KFC.
something like spicy drumlets but i haven eaten that in a long while
so i am not sure if its exactly the same.
Anyway, its so good that when ppl go BKK
and ask me what to eat, i dont say phad thai or tomyum.
i say...ZAAB! loves.

new way to do hair.

i LOVE gel nail polish, seriously.
cos i was chip-free for 2 weeks and so.
but it KILLS the nail cos they buff it to 4mm of its life
to remove the polish.
and sometimes, they buff your cuticles as well.

Doing my second fanciful manicure of my life -

First..a bubblegum pink base

and then the lady paints, yes PAINTS the design on
bit by bit according to what you asked for.

sharmie scallop edged cloud nails.

mine! all done!

sharmies's! damn cute!!!!

and you are gonna kiss me for this,
cos i am about to provide u with a detailed map of how to get
to fab nail place.

Exterior of nail place.
it looks erps la, but who cares when u get cute nails.

So you go to MBK first, second level,
locate the exit between BOOTS and WATSONS,
get out of MBK (there are travelators outside the exit)
head to your right, the first nail place on your left.

Lastly, dont have hotel breakfast if you are in BKK!
go out and get some crispy crepes.

banana&choc and floss&egg are good bets.

and we finally got to try the express train
from makkasan that goes directly to the airport,
with no stops in between.

clean. quiet. loads of space for fiddly luggages.
and fast.
(for a moment, i thought i was going to miss my flight
cos i was being a bimbo doing my pedicure.)

that's all.
mildly perked by trip's pics and now i am back to being..

fantastic word, don't ya think?

much glumness,


Anonymous said...

love the crochet dress! what colours will there be? ^^

Anonymous said...

hey is the crotchet dress you're wearing from f21? :)

Anonymous said...

when you sat BOOTS, is it the cosmetics brand or the shoe kinda boots?

missypixie said...

we have it in this colour, cream , moss and sky blue! and yes, its from F21 :)

when i say BOOTS, i mean the pharmacy!

Anonymous said...

I like your bustier top! Manufacture for missypixie? :)

Anonymous said...

hey kelly do you know how much is a tiffany and co necklace? the one with a pendant that says "if found please return to t&c". please help me! >< thanks in advance :)

missypixie said...

hmm, can consider! :)

think the necklace is $190!

Anonymous said...

hey kelly thanks so much for your help with regards to the necklace (: really appreciate it! ^^

Anonymous said...

SMILE!! No more pms hahaha:)

I like the nails:D

Anonymous said...

how do you secure the braid on your new hairdo?

missypixie said...

I used those small butterfly clips! U can get them at sinma or chameleon :)

Anonymous said...

Been waiting for the F21 inspired crochet dress! Can I know roughly when MP is gonna launch it? Thanks! =)

missypixie said...

Hi, we may be launching it at a later date in conjunction with something we have planned! :) prob end

Anonymous said...

Cool! Can't wait for it to launch.. thanks! Have a great day tmr! =)