Monday, March 7, 2011

hey there delilah

got an ear-worm from this song during gym. hmmm.
feeling ultra-productive today
even as last week ended in a slump
cos BO for soph came in totally wrong colours.

white shirt (missypixie) skirt (cotton on)
shoes (New Look)

i call these my elf booties.

But that was last friday, and the weekend was much better.

funny how self-timer always make me look like
i am about to fall somehow.
tee (New Look) skirt (bkk)

am totally loving mella's skirt.

its always good to have impromptu friends
to call out for sunday brunch and townwalkabout.

And now today seems good.
invoiced til 3am last night, went to bed
and amazingly slept ALLLL the way til 11am today.
without even waking up once to pee, or dream about
killing my neighbour who has a very irritating habit of
speaking real loudly at 7.14am or sweeping her floor at 8.19am.
Yes, she is like clockwork.

Good days happen when i wake up naturally,
like i can literally feel my dream fading away
and i am resurfacing from the sleep
and ta da, i open my eyes and am awake.
wonderful, don't you think?
went gym, went office, did work,
discovered great eating place at katong,
came home, cleared payments, gmail inbox looks fine.

am a really happy girl today :)

Now if only i can get my hands on this red blazer
i have been eyeing non-stop for the past 3 weeks.
I am willing it to go on sale soon.

"please let no uk6/8 buy this blazer and that it will be on sale soon"

much love,


Anonymous said...

hi kelly, can i know how do you tell the hairdresser the curls you're having now? is it soft curls?

- michelle :)

missypixie said...

Hmmm, I think so! I told her I wanted loose curls actually :)

Anonymous said...

where is this brunch place? looks yummy! - Pam

missypixie said...

Oh we went there for tea actually! It's inside Prolouge in Ion :)