Sunday, March 20, 2011

is it this dancing juice?

the week always seems to be so much longer when we are not flying - not that im complaining though. finally met up with my Vases again - well we named ourselves so because when in JC, our motto was to "just sit there and look pretty in all situations" - hahaha.

(L-R): entrepreneur (you don't know how much i abhor the term blogshop owner), SPH radio exec, sec school teacher, dad's righthandwoman/insurance agent, inspector, maritime lawyer. missing the fash hag from URBAN and a 100.3FM deejay - im glad we are all in places we are proud of. nine years and counting.

3 blackberries vs 3 iphones. we were the noisiest group at tcc that night, playing three rounds of charadium and dissing hanis' pathetic drawing skills. just like the good old days. 
some things don't change and im glad for that.

goin' grunge.

date night no. 3 - finally checked out The French Stall.

act shy only.

he had steak (againnnn) and i chose duck confit with foie gras, ooh lala.

the baked alaska that everyone raved about.

too cloyingly sweet for my liking though. and the boy was still hungry after the meal. i think we can never go for fine french dining because he would probably eat 10 courses and feel only 10 percent full -.-"'

seeing that this week was a less hectic week, both me and kel took time off to brainstorm and plan for missypixie's growth this year - main KPIs are to grow our brand, pour more dollars into advertising, put in more effort into styling for our shoots, and of course, pushing for more WILLOW label apparel! lots of ideas to be put into actions, exciting much :) 
first up, we added more thought into styling this week and i decided to clean up our layout:

see the WILLOW label at the top left hand corner of the image? means the item is exclusively manufactured by us and you shouldn't be able to find it anywhere else! there are three such items for this week's collection - just posted up the preview so head to to view ok!

and at the risk of being naggy here... if you haven't added yourself as a fan to our fan page, please do so asap because besides getting previews and first-hand updates about restocks and backorders, we will also be holding more Facebook contests to reward our customers - with plenty of goodies to be won!
 what's not to love?
have a fab week ahead girls and enjoy this week's collection! ;)



Anonymous said...

What JC were you from? :)

missypixie said...

temasek :))

missypixie said...

YAAYYYY TJ!!!!! oops. (kelly)

Anonymous said...

Seems like many entrepreneurs come from TJC!

missypixie said...

haha guess its a coincidence! :P

Anonymous said...

DARA Blue is! Can't wait to receive it!

shrek08 said...

hello, where did you get your gold sandals/slip ons from in yur currenty post?

missypixie said...

anon: yes its a really pretty shade of blue! hope u like it! :)

shrek08: got it from charles&keith!

shrek08 said...

ohhh did you got it recently? :)

missypixie said...

shrek08: hmm a few months ago but i think it might still be retailing!

Anonymous said...

omg you know fash hag?? how is she like in real life?? hahaha

missypixie said...

hi dear i think fash hag is just a term coined by URBAN.. from what i hear, actually the reporters rotate to write that column! there is no actual person who is THE fash hag! hehe. my fashionable friend just writes for the paper, thats all! :)