Monday, March 28, 2011

miss pickapenny

April is the month to SAVE.
Really. With the triple whammy of my wallet,
the BF's birthday and my new delicious macbook pro,
my bank account is leaking holes like a, like a..
leaking ship.
damn, i am bad at this.

So its a good month to resolve to save save save
eat cheaper food, (goodbye all you sashimi)
stop buying frivolous things
and stop STOP shopping.
this kills me :(
Which explains why i am so bored this week.
I love magazines. I really do.
I adore its shiny glossiness and new untouched pages
and i would buy a mag, not read it for a few days
just so i can stare at its pristine state
and dream about the unexpected surprises i might find inside.
If i could, i would buy $100 worth of mags monthly,
just to lay them side by side
and stare at them for a few days or so.
And revel in the happiness of having something new to read
each time i am bored. wow wee.
Just talking about this makes me high.
But all these glossies are expensive affairs
so this month i am clamping down on my reads. sighs.
And being skint means no random buys like hair masks
which i have been thinking about for the longest time
cos i have scared many friends by revealing i do not use serum
and now i am starting to think if i should take more care of my hair.
seeing that there are days it just...BOOMS.
I am obsessed with getting bouncy, soft, smooth curls
with just the right amount of shine.
My 'rich girl's hair'. But thats for another post.

And then, i cant shop.
And this is really tough cos i see clothes 24/7.
Each week there is an MP launch, i spend about 10 mins
clutching my orders book and struggling with my inner demons.
OHMYGOD should i buy, should i should i??!!
then either give up the slot to buyers
or jealously guard one available slot til i make up my mind.
craps. bad business sense.

Pics of the week coming up:

wore my furry elliephanie shrug
on the day when i had to rip open 8 boxes of cargo
and walk in the blazing sun twice. mad.

baby issac's expression when my mum is talking to him.

woke up early for brunch on sunday morning! :)
went to HALIA at botanical gardens.

decided to be andro and my mum said..
i was going to school. WHY WHY WHY.

huge-ass oysters from BKK.
they were really really really good.

The BF discovering the joys of photo apps on his iphone.

no time for him, busy invoicing.

peace out,


todayiknow said...


received DARA with thanks! Was shock that you are actually staying in the same area as me :)

Keep up the good job, Missypixie :))


missypixie said...

thank you! singapore is a small place.haha

Anonymous said...

how is the food and price range like at halia?(:

Anonymous said...

is MP looking for packers still??:)

missypixie said...

food was so-so! a meal for 2 came up to approx 70.

nope, not looking for packer already cos we just got one, trying the system out to see how it goes :)

Z.Y. said...

Where is the grey shrug from? Love it! <3

Rebecca said...

Finally someone who is as crazy as magazines as I am. No one else I know buys them religiously monthly, then hoards them to ensure that there is always a stack of new reads/flips!!! I'm so pleased now.

missypixie said...

Hello, shrug is from a corner shop at Fep!

Rebecca : :)))))

Anonymous said...

What app is tt you're using? The one which comes in a collage in different colours? It's cool!

missypixie said...

hi, its called lomo lomo!