Monday, March 14, 2011

my pixie picks

This is really quite bad,
i have been shopping quite a bit from MP collection these days
and all these bits and bobs are threatening to overtake my wardrobe.

not missypixie's but something thats so typically me.
i dont know if SG topshop has it,
but if they do, i dont want to know how much it is :(

i know this dress is kinda revealing and all
but i love the way the drapes fall and thats its a replica
of the cape dress i wanted from topshop!
just that the latter is indecently short and in full chiffon.
like, show everything chiffon.

this looks like the SATC carrie dress
but according to sharmie, it has a super nice cut.
I haven tried it yet (but i most prob will!)

okay, if you haven gotten a maxi skirt yet, please do get one!
its all the rage this season and its super versatile. i thank it all the days
when i am lazy to dress up and i just pull it up, belt it
and it becomes a nice swing dress.

lastly, i thought long and hard before selecting these pants for MP
cos its not our usual style but yet, something about it
draws me, maybe its the drapes, the comfy fit or
me just wanting some flare pants in grey. haha.

am happy with this collection cos its 90% self-sourced and imported by us.
am now awaiting this batch of willow items (including shoes!!yay!!)
up for launch in April i think.
Ahhh, life is good :)

much love,

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