Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Been going out recently for nice dinners
cos of all the vdays, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding dinners
yaddda yaddda.
and realised that its kinda hard to carry normal bags
with all the pretty dresses, so i hit upon this fantastic idea.
a clutch!
(yah okay, nothing surprising, haha)

Ideally, if i have my way, i would love either of the following:

i want them slightly larger than the usual dainty ones
a bit softer and in black with gold or silver hardware :)

but since those 2 are out of the question,
i suppose ASOS or f21 or other places have good alternatives?

Also find self looking at tie-up sandals to go with maxis

ahhhhh, wont it be nice to get everything?

anyway, the funniest thing happened yesterday.
out of the few hundred outfits me and sharon have..
we actually wore the same dress on the same day,
just in different colours.

i almost died laughing when i saw her.

and happiness! bought my polkadotty romper!

wouldnt have been able to get it if not for the sale
at Forever New, so forced self to squeeze into it,
even though its not my usual size. eeks.

am going for thai dinner (AGAIN) with family later
hmmm, cant seem to get away from thai stuff.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Has missypixie thought of manufacturing clutches? :)

missypixie said...

Hmm not really! Have not thought about venturing there yet :)