Friday, March 4, 2011

yokoso japan, part two.

finally done with editing bulk of the photos! phewwwww. more snapshots of the trip:

good morning, sapporo.

snowmobile land.

sights on the go.

lake akan, lake mashu, and the awesome ice-breaking cruise.

tokyo disneyland.

hello, urban tokyo.

all bundled up in the subzero temperatures.


second time to tokyo but without dad being the usual guide, it was harder than expected 'cos the freaking train lines are so complicated. managed to get by with my smattering of japanese, otearai wa doko desuka? kore wa ikura desuka? and a trusty edition of lonely planet. will surely return to japan in the next few years to explore kyoto and osaka - time to keep my travel fund in check. seriously missing the days when i got free air tickets every single year :(((((  i've been lucky enough to have travelled more than most of my peers - paris, new york, las vegas, los angeles, prague, germany, austria, korea, china, switzerland, budapest, vietnam, cambodia, vienna, new zealand, canada, thailand, thailand, thailand, thailand, thailand - so i shan't complain. am still itching to check out nepal, scandinavia, spain, greece, south africa and london oh london... think i might just go bankrupt paying for trips outta this little red dot and die an old lady with loads of vacay memories and photos to bury me with.
the boy wants italy to be our next stop but we'll see. 
let's see where my wanderlust takes me ;)



Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!

Do you know of any places that sells nice patterned tights?

missypixie said...

helloo! i think new look and topshop have quite a selection so you can drop by these two places and check it out :)

Anonymous said...

wow lovely photos!! sorry if this has been asked before but what's the camera you're using? and do you use photoshop to further edit them or are they in their raw state? also.. how come you got to travel so much!! *ENVY* my dream is to die an old lady with my wanderlust fulfilled too. hahaha

missypixie said...

Hello thank you for your kind comments! :) I'm using a panasonic lx5 but while it gives me sharp images, it doesn't give me what you see here - I do a lil colour adjustments in photoshop to achieve these effects, hehe. Got to travel a lot cos my dad works for an airline company and we used to get free air tix every year, until I got beyond 21 years of age, that is. Sigh! But becos of this upbringing I feel the need to travel every year - do save up to see the world! All the best for your travel fund too! :)