Thursday, March 17, 2011

You are what you eat.

And if thats really the case,
I am currently a very oily and full peppery crab
with loads of carbs. terrible.

Had the following for dinner:

it was honestly a little too much.
(mella, we needed you. erps)

and now i am feeling crappy from too much food.
Am trying really hard to incorporate the 80% full rule.
You must have heard of it, the one where u are supposed to eat til
you are around 80% full and ta daa, you stop.
The problem here is...HOW do i know when i am full?
Sharmie knows. She tried describing to me, but erm,
its really rather hard to sense 'fullness'.
In any case, what i should have done
(and am going to start doing, really)
is to portion away a section of food and eat the remaining.
Honestly, we probably don't really need all the calories
served to us at every meal but we are programmed to finish everything set in front of us
so this could be a good way to start!

Another thing i picked up this week is something
my mum keeps drilling into me but i refuse to listen.
"Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning"
this apparently helps to cleanse the body from the overnight bad stuff
and is always the first step in a detox program.
Well, it has always been a secret wish of mine to go on a detox plan
so i can feel 'healthy' and 'light'
and all the bunch of good things they use to describe detoxing
but the herbal shakes and fasts are too hard to follow in my way of life
so i do the best i can.
Also picked up another tip while waiting for fecial
(seriously, the waiting room for facials has the best mags)
grab a cuppa peppermint or ginger tea after every meal
as this helps digestion.
i personally hate ginger (ginger beer doesnt count)
so i opt for peppermint or hot green tea
and now as i am nursing my cup of tea
i am praying this works for my bloated tummy.

Had lunch at this really retro cafe today:

we really really really love this quote.

they had all sorts of old school deco.

pity the food was so-so :(

it was kinda stupid to wear white for crabs.

Went for a super long supplier meeting yesterday
and approved some more willow samples:

okay this is very MP.
long swing skirt with a nipped waist.
we always ask for more more more fabric at the skirt portion
and then die when we are quoted the price.

plenty of cloth. haha.

the pleat details are really really nice
and it fits everywhere perfectly :)

After work, went to meet Mella and Syd..
this is probably the first time the 3 of us got together after 5 years???

coincidentally, both of them were wearing MP clothes.
Love :)

its actually quite funny that syd has to label her calculator
with her full name to mark her territory.

i wore full black and sharmie said i look like an events usher.

i call this my thaipusum necklace. hahhaa.
borrowed it from MP's phoshoot wardrobe.

Am planning to go visit bridal shops this weekend,
so if you are a bride-to-be or was a bride
or just someone with suggestions,
please drop me a comment and let me know which ones are good!

thank you so much in advance :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

Is the bow-front black/white piece a dress, or is it a top matched with a skirt? If it is a dress - will it be launched on Missypixie soon? LOVE it! The white pleated dress, too! <3

missypixie said...

hello! its a dress! both items will be launched in april :)

Anonymous said...

Omg you're getting married?! :D

missypixie said...

eh my face is distorted :[

missypixie said...

It is?!!! How come I cannot tell!!!! It looks okay when u saw in the cam right?

missypixie said...

Haha yup! I am getting married next yr :)

Anonymous said...

Hey which week of april will the willow dresses be launched? Soon pls! I can't wait :)

missypixie said...

Probably in the later half of April!

Anonymous said...

Oh my congrats, but you're so young! How old are you this year? :D

missypixie said...

hi! i am 26 this year!

Anonymous said...

is that old school delights? :)

missypixie said...

nope, its just a cafe at tampines mall :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, are there any more colours for the black dress with the white bow in front? Love the pleated white dress as well, hope that can fit up to a UK12!

missypixie said...

yup, we have 3 colours, and as for the pleated dress, i cant remember the measurements! haha

Anonymous said...

Where did u got that necklace? Pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

the wedding present is good! as mentioned by a close friend :)

Anonymous said...

hey there kelly, i love your hair! can you share where you had it done? :)

joyce said...

Hi Kelly... congrats... check out
alot of great ideas for wedding... membership is free...

Anonymous said...

the bow-front dress is so lovely :)

missypixie said...

Necklace is from Bkk and I did my hair at Supercuts nex!

Thank you for the suggestions by the way :)