Friday, April 29, 2011

same same but different

I have been timing my blog posts with my face masks.
I slapped one on, blog for 20 mins, then remove it.
It has done wonders cos my therapist agrees that my skin
is less dehydrated.

Anyway, its crazy that me and sharmie have gazillion outfits
and yet, can somehow dress alike somedays.
(most days, we are very very different)

we both wore crochet tops with black bottoms.
very weird.

a closer look of what i wore.
I wore it with a swing dress while she went bodycon
so at least it wasnt thaaaat bad.

i really think porkchop fried rice is DTF's best dish.

went andro on pack stocks day.
i find it a great accomplishment to still be able to wear skinnies
that has seen me through the uni years.
Or, it could be the skinnies are just stretchy.

and yup, we did it again today with the shoes.
this is getting worrying.

somedays, i do msg her beforehand to tell her my outfit.
just in case.

meanwhile, the entire online community is buzzing about the GE
and i think this is probably the first time in my life
i actually pay attention to politics.
I agree with sharm that everything is like a student council election.
Just on a much much bigger scale.
You have people yelling slogans, big or small banners
dependent on budget.
Treats or bribes, depending on how you see it.
Loads of people saying things you may or may not care about.
And in the end, everyone either chooses whoever they like most
(to heck with policies or not)
or whoever they always chose before.
Well, if you are in a position to vote,
then please vote wisely. :)

much love,

Monday, April 25, 2011

out and about!

'twas a stay-in weekend 'cos the germs got to me - i blame it on the irregular sleep schedules, all that flying, and those late, late nights settling flyers/banners/namecards/misc paperwork with the boy in preparation of the opening of his gym. finally well today so we went to check out the reno! only managed pathetic photos with my bb from the outside.

glass panels up!

3D impressions of the cardio corner,

lounge area,

and reception.

its far from complete but im really stoked at how it will turn out. there's really nothing like starting up your own venture from scratch - from drawing board to reality, seeing the pieces fall together bit by bit, envisioning how it'd grow and actually growing it... not to mention the immense pressure, tight budgets, miscalculated risks and other roadblocks along the way - can't help but feel proud of the boy for coming thus far :) 
sometimes all we need is to take that extra step to go from ordinary to extraordinary, no?

motivational talk aside, wore the sister's shinyhappyorange pants and loved it even though it made me look like i grew another ass.

i've been rather uncontrollable with my shopping lately. 
new togs every single week. DIE.

narcissistic shots of self in the car while waiting for the boy to finish running his errands, which these days, are the main things we do on our off days :(((

not flying this week so yayyyy to more meetups with friends and loved ones. 
wild hen's party at the end of the week - totally looking forward! woohoo! friday come quick!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

shining brightly in the velvet sky

Randomly, the only way i could think of starting this post
was to announce that...
i am a manicure coldturkey and cant paint my nails
cos they are breaking like mad after gel polish.
Very bimbotic I know.
Am home tonight instead of galavanting around town
because even though its a long weekend,
even though we are our own bosses,
even though Sharmie is down with fever
we are still working tomorrow.
Shity right? :(

Haven got much pictures this week
cos i was lazy with dressing up
and its BKK week so i usually look like crap.
Speaking of BKK, you wont imagine how damn pissed i was on tues morning,
when we woke up at 430am and went to the airport,
queued up for check-in,
only to be told that the flight was OVERBOOKED,
You gotta be kidding me right? I pre-booked months in advance,
got a flight reminder, already paid for my tickets
and there are no freaking seats???
Morale of the story is, Tiger airways sucks. As always.
(like the time they cancelled my flight,
sent me one sms explaining nothing,
and an email notification A DAY AFTER i came back from BKK. Wow.)

lack of pictorials this week, do make do.

i only like my curly fries this way.

realised i totally replicated the colour scheme of blush+navy
from last week only after i took this shot.
am getting old :(

i know this is gross but thats how long the cheese stretched!

BF got a new haircut. very spiffy.

today's outfit. love how a bright pair of shorts makes everything happier.

dainty floral prints.

super retro, went for KFC dinner at Kallang with BF and friends.

followed by bowling!

that's me! K!
and my highest score since...ever?
i do have a talent for ah lian games. haha.

much love

Sunday, April 17, 2011

will work for shoes.

four pairs in two weeks. i need to go to rehab.

was feeling adventurous one day and tried the shoes+socks combo... only to take it off at the train station because it felt mighty uncomfortable and i couldn't help but think everyone was staring at me and my weirdness. how do those overseas bloggers/models on highstreetfashion posters look so good?!

getting more mileage outta my wears - bodycon skirt as tube. 

welcomed the weekend with mexican grub at chachacha's,
with the guy who is forever on his emails these days -_-


and magaritas woohooooo :)

received a couple of samples from our suppliers and here's a sneak peek! we have quite a number of pieces in production now.. can't wait for all of them to arrive!

ok off to dinner! launching at 10pm later so see you girls!


Friday, April 15, 2011

what a week.

So much for fire fighting last last week,
we are still dealing with the screwed up BO stuff this week
and random feedbacks. :(
But am really really heartened by the kind feedback u guys left,
it means a lot because sometimes through emails,
we won't know how we sound like to the other party
and at all times, we would never intentionally be rude or unaccommodating.
So yes, we are trying :)

The LJ server thingy pretty much killed me on sunday
cos invoicing was a huge nightmare.
I had to go through every order minute by minute til the end.
And to make things worst, i myself couldn't even access LJ
to update status and such. UGH.
Moments like this, i wish for a shopping cart system.

huge brekkie on thursday mornings cos we never have time for lunch.

damn sad i know. the only space i have in my ENTIRE office to pack
is that small patch of grey just under the envelopes.

friday night out with girls :)
am launching the brown maxi skirt this weekend,
loving the way it falls :)

missing the rest :(

homecooked food for mum's bday. much love.

We went to this Korean restaurant along East Coast Park
and it was... ok la.

coin sized towels + water = tampon lookalikes

i guess its only when you grow older
that you really learnt to appreciate your parents.
Thank you mum&dad, for everything you have done for me.

mind you, this was just the side dishes.

a classic representation of our r/s.
the BF terrified of me.
(funnily enough, sharmie also has the same expression
that i once captured. HMMM)

new rings!

tried carrying the ASOS clutch around today.
not a good idea. I kept leaving it behind.

my new ASOS clutch in closer detail.

much love,