Tuesday, April 12, 2011

baby you're a firework.

so another week came and went in our second country of residence. we decided to do something different this time besides going to the usual haunts for dinner - so i made reservations for somboon seafood for myself and my couple friend who was there on vacay.. until kelly decided she would join. so i made another reservation under her name and this was what we saw when we reached the restaurant:

hello miss cannie! she had us calling her that all night, hahahaha.

 the much-raved-about curry crab at somboon which was well, a disappointment :(

machiam lao yu sheng.

miss cannie and her tomyumgoong.

given the price and standard of the food, i should have brought them to yaowarat instead! speaking of which i am thinking about the hugeass grilled prawns and trying not to drool as i type. but i digress.

random outfits:

favourite Stayover Sunday :)

and a new romper for the week.

dug out a shift dress from my mum's closet which i lovelovelove to bits. 
i think this piece might be fifteen years old... not yet a vintage but hey, good enough for me.

thing is, i can't zip it up completely cos im way bigger than her, ugggh.
any recommendations for a good tailor where i can get it altered to a low-V at the back? much appreciated!

p/s: i do hope you girls can view LJ now! it was such a spidey moment for us when we realised most of you couldn't.. thank god for alternatives like blogspot! 



lynn said...

i heard all about Cannie. hehehe

Anonymous said...

when is MP gonna launch the pretty dress with a nautical-like bow front and swing skirt which kelly wore a few entries back? :)

missypixie said...

anon: hi dear its currently in production! think we will only get it shipped to us end April or something - yes, it DOES take that long! but definitely worth the wait :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, is the necklace you wore with the romper from an LJ too?

Btw, love the dress for Stayover!! Mind sharing where is it from?

Anonymous said...

Hey MP girls! Seeing how you are so familiar with BKK, do you have any food/shopping suggestions?? Am going there in a week! :D

missypixie said...

anon1: hey dear that necklace was gifted from a friend! it was bought in tokyo :) as for the white dress, i got it from forever21!

anon2: oh gosh we have sooo many food suggestions! you gotta try the wanton noodles, sharksfin soup and oyster egg from platinum mall food court, head to Yaowarat (chinatown) for fresh seafood like oysters and huge grilled prawns.. and check out some good western fare at Vanilla or Greyhound Cafe at Siam Paragon :) MBK foodcourt has loads of nice stuff too! and as for shopping, you can always head to Jatujak Market (only on weekends though), as well as the Pratunam area. Hope that helps! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! I have a vintage dress that I can't zip up fully too, so kudos to your idea of altering it to a low V at the back!! Think I'll make mine a low U though, haha. I don't have much personal experience with seamstresses, but my friend said Michelle alterations at FEP is not bad!! I used to go to Chinatown tailors but they are really pretty overpriced!

missypixie said...

anon: hi dear! haha good to know im not alone! :P ok i'll try out FEP and let u know how it goes! thanks!

Anonymous said...

may i know whats your size? wonder if the romper can fit a uk10?

missypixie said...

anon: hi dear you mean the pink romper? yes im a uk10 and it fits me!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's pink? Looks white! Haha when is it launching?

missypixie said...

its light pink! and i bought it from forever new.. its not for launch! :)

Gwen said...

Hi love the white zipper dress in the post! May I know which outlet of F21 did you get it from? :)

missypixie said...

got it from the vivo outlet! :)