Thursday, April 7, 2011

ring a dingding

there must be something fundamentally wrong with me.
i just got off a flight, came home,
log on the comp,

i have been staring at these rings for the longest time
and cant help but think how wonderful they would look in my collection.
i am also sensing a rather ungirly theme here. hmmm.

unfortunately, i probably just blew my last shopping monies of the month
on this envelope clutch thats arriving :))))
and the recent weekend buys.
plus what i intend to get from MP from this week's haul.
am pretty happy with this trip
cos MP got loads of stuff that i really really like
and i want to buy so many of them its crazy.
think rust coloured maxi skirts, scallop shorts,
plenty of girly blousons with crochet details,
pleated maxis, printed swing skirts,
gorgeous floral printed dresses.
omgomgomg cant wait.
the upcoming collections will be fantastic i promise.

much love,


Anonymous said...

When will the next mp collection be launched? :)

missypixie said...

hi, we launch every sunday at 10pm :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
Will this new haul be launched this weekend? Thanks. Gina.

missypixie said...

Some of them!

Desiree Choo said...

So excited for your launch every week! Can't wait for the preview. :) When will it be up?

Anonymous said...

get the first ring! i have it and it's really nice! from ASOS right. hahaha Hi 5 for good taste.

missypixie said...

hello Desiree, preview will be up on sunday afternoons!

Anon: i wanna get the ASOS ring too but no one is holding a spree plus, i dont know my ring size, haha

Michelle said...

Hey Kelly,
Just wanted to say I love missy pixie :) The clothes are simply gorgeous, love its understated-ness, its simplicity and its sense of .. fun. haha sounds weird but i hope you get my drift. Most importantly, the customer service is awesome and you really take the time to reply to comments and such, it feels like you're very real (as opposed to being fake). Just wanted to say its very different from the other blogshops i frequent and the change is refreshing! :)
Really appreciate you :)and youre doing an awesome job! :) Cant wait for sunday :)


missypixie said...

thank you Michelle! its such a nice thing to say :)

Anonymous said...

hi kelly! asos now got free shipping so i think no need to join sprees? :)

ling said...

omg! i was just eyeing that swallow ring too a few hours i read your blog heheee the ring is so pwettyy

missypixie said...

I know! But, I am still unsure of my ring size? Haha

Anonymous said...

just estimate for the ring size. this ring is kind of adjustable. so get S. if your finger is thicker, it will adjust to it. sorry for the bad phrasing!