Friday, April 29, 2011

same same but different

I have been timing my blog posts with my face masks.
I slapped one on, blog for 20 mins, then remove it.
It has done wonders cos my therapist agrees that my skin
is less dehydrated.

Anyway, its crazy that me and sharmie have gazillion outfits
and yet, can somehow dress alike somedays.
(most days, we are very very different)

we both wore crochet tops with black bottoms.
very weird.

a closer look of what i wore.
I wore it with a swing dress while she went bodycon
so at least it wasnt thaaaat bad.

i really think porkchop fried rice is DTF's best dish.

went andro on pack stocks day.
i find it a great accomplishment to still be able to wear skinnies
that has seen me through the uni years.
Or, it could be the skinnies are just stretchy.

and yup, we did it again today with the shoes.
this is getting worrying.

somedays, i do msg her beforehand to tell her my outfit.
just in case.

meanwhile, the entire online community is buzzing about the GE
and i think this is probably the first time in my life
i actually pay attention to politics.
I agree with sharm that everything is like a student council election.
Just on a much much bigger scale.
You have people yelling slogans, big or small banners
dependent on budget.
Treats or bribes, depending on how you see it.
Loads of people saying things you may or may not care about.
And in the end, everyone either chooses whoever they like most
(to heck with policies or not)
or whoever they always chose before.
Well, if you are in a position to vote,
then please vote wisely. :)

much love,


Laura said...

where did you get your crop top from? Its lovely!

Anonymous said...

Care to share the mask dear? Thanks!

missypixie said...

Hi Laura, the top if from Bkk!

Anon : I use SK II masks :)

mrs jaejoongie said...

Hi! Any coral or tangerine skirts coming up on missypixie?

missypixie said...

Not slated but we are looking for it!