Friday, April 15, 2011

what a week.

So much for fire fighting last last week,
we are still dealing with the screwed up BO stuff this week
and random feedbacks. :(
But am really really heartened by the kind feedback u guys left,
it means a lot because sometimes through emails,
we won't know how we sound like to the other party
and at all times, we would never intentionally be rude or unaccommodating.
So yes, we are trying :)

The LJ server thingy pretty much killed me on sunday
cos invoicing was a huge nightmare.
I had to go through every order minute by minute til the end.
And to make things worst, i myself couldn't even access LJ
to update status and such. UGH.
Moments like this, i wish for a shopping cart system.

huge brekkie on thursday mornings cos we never have time for lunch.

damn sad i know. the only space i have in my ENTIRE office to pack
is that small patch of grey just under the envelopes.

friday night out with girls :)
am launching the brown maxi skirt this weekend,
loving the way it falls :)

missing the rest :(

homecooked food for mum's bday. much love.

We went to this Korean restaurant along East Coast Park
and it was... ok la.

coin sized towels + water = tampon lookalikes

i guess its only when you grow older
that you really learnt to appreciate your parents.
Thank you mum&dad, for everything you have done for me.

mind you, this was just the side dishes.

a classic representation of our r/s.
the BF terrified of me.
(funnily enough, sharmie also has the same expression
that i once captured. HMMM)

new rings!

tried carrying the ASOS clutch around today.
not a good idea. I kept leaving it behind.

my new ASOS clutch in closer detail.

much love,


Anonymous said...

hi kelly, where did u get the cream bag that u carried with your maxi skirt? can't wait for the skirt to be released! - jin

missypixie said...

hello! got the bag from BKK :)

Anonymous said...

I like the yellow pussybow blouse! will it be up for the launch this wk? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, what material is the brown maxi skirt make of? TIA (:

Anonymous said...

Hello! I love the asos clutch! Saw the red one on inherstilletos. Amazing! How did you get it?!

missypixie said...

Gen : hey babe, we sold the blouse a long time back and it's sold out!

Anon: material of skirt is rayon cotton!

Anon: I joined an Asos spree ! But the clutch is really kinda big. Haha.

Anonymous said...

hi kel & sharon,

where did u girls did ur curls again? looks really natural! does it really require lots of maintenance?

missypixie said...

We did it at Supercuts, and nope, we didnt really maintain it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if im asking too much but could u also name which outlet, hairstylist & type of curl?
Both ur curls just make me wanna do it too:)
thanks in advance babes!:)

missypixie said...

hi, i went to NEX, Angeline, asked for soft curls, sharmie went to Century Square, Daris, asked for soft curls too!