Sunday, May 15, 2011

jar of hearts.

the sis's off to greece and its terribly quiet at home, seeing that she makes the most noise when she's around, haha. been chatting to her on whatsapp whenever she's on wireless and she's sending me these gorgeous photos of azure waters and greek architecture.. uggh.. jealous much. have been thinking about getting myself something nice for my birthday (well its about a month away but i'd like to think myself as being efficient about these matters) and it boiled down to (1) a new designer bag (2) a vacation.
no prizes for guessing which one i chose.

so come june i'll be headed to bali with the boy - splurging on a private villa for us both :)

woohoo can't wait to spend days jumping into the pool the first thing in the morn, flopping around the villa and chilling out at ku de ta at night! counting down already :)))

stole my sis's corset top on thursday - well she's gonna find out anyway 'cos she reads this space so hello, sis! i stole your top! 

also bought a new clutch for the impending wedding! (excuses, excuses.)

headed to ann siang for dinner again last night - its fast becoming our favourite hangout.

and to end this post abruptly, here's a photo of my new manicure, in the same colour as the toilet walls in the circle line mrt station. hahaha but i love it all the same!

enjoy tonight's collection babes!



Anonymous said...

Hi babe, the villa looks gorgeous! May i know what's the name of the villa? Thanks!

missypixie said...

hi dear its called the astana batu belig, at seminyak!

Anonymous said...

hey sharaon!! may i know where did your sis get the corset top? i've been search for a good and fitting one because i'm quite busty (and i don't wanna look too "vulgar" in a corset tube top) hahahah! thanks in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

May I know where you ate at Ann Siang? Food looks so yummeh!

missypixie said...

Anon 1: hey my sis got hers at BYSI! I'm not exactly small in terms of boobs too but if u've got it, just flaunt it la! :)

Anon 2: I went to PS cafe! Really nice ambience I must say, go check it out!

Anonymous said...

hi sharon, did you lose weight?! :D


missypixie said...

Hi jer! I sure wish I did la! But nope, haha. Maybe the corset top was too tight so it made me look smaller. Hahaha!