Friday, May 27, 2011

somewhere only we know.

It has been a loooong crazy week
and i am suffering from burn-out of too many things
going on in my brain. ugh.
And now the most pressing question i have is..
"How do I remove a bulb from a spotlight?"
Totally random but totally important. :(

Haven't blogged for a week so
here is a slew of outfit shots and food pics!

i wore the same colour combi as the BF last friday.
Grey and black, eeks.

sat's outfit for town. Need to fully utilize maxi skirt.

yuzu sorbet. Bittersweet. Like life.

Ya Kun brekkie at the airport at 5plus am.
Its amazing how much I can eat so early in the morning.

brocoli (!!!!) pie from Macs in bkk.

cream puff with extra goodness, pudding :)

milktea custard bun our supplier got us.

friday's outfit. Need to be in shorts
cos unpacking cargo is tough :(

Lastly, i do love Topshop but sometimes,
they really crack me up.

i saw this first, its called MELON tights
and i laughed so hard i had to crawl to sharmie to show her.

then came KIWI.

DRAGON FRUIT, which totally puts me off the fruit forever.

and my personal favourite.

oh gosh, i don't know.
If I am ever having a sucky day at work,
i think i will look at these pics and die laughing.

Lastly, we stocked KISSJANE outlets at citylink & bugis
with TONS of new stuff that are prepped for launch the next 2 weeks.
So if you are in the area, drop by KJ to check those new items out!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where u get ur sandals, in ur last pic, with the blue shorts, thx:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, there is this maxi cream chiffon skirt at Bugis KJ. is there any other colors and sz S? i went to try but only had sz M left. :)

missypixie said...

Sandals are from mphosis and sorry, that skirt only comes in one size!

Anonymous said...

hi when are the new items at KJ gonna launch? thanks (:

missypixie said...

launching online or at KISSJANE? if its the former, they will be spaced out in these next 2 weekends, if its the latter, they are already at the KJ racks :)

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know where you bought your long sleeved grey top, where you wore together with your black skirt in the first picture. thanks!

missypixie said...

got it from my supplier :)