Sunday, June 26, 2011


yaaaay! i am finally back!
a whole lot poorer and fatter (feeling super sluggish)
but back and ready to charge ahead for July & Aug
cos we got so many things packed for these 2 months,
damn excited can :)

This is a terribly pic-heavy post
so you are warned.

flight wear. my trusty black tank dress
that goes with everything and under everything.
Topshop is selling it again and i grabbed another piece
even though this is still new cos am worried
i cant ever find a replacement for it.

first sight of HK.
i dont know why everyone says HK has good service.
My first encounter with the airport staff was horrible.
I think i got the "pls-ignore-me-or-better-still-pls-be-rude-to-me" look.

i think they meant ROBES fitting.
we were so friggin early, we reached the hotel at 8am.
And rotted for 2 hours waiting for shops to open.
thankfully there was some Harry Potter exhibition at Times Square :)

there was He Whom Shalt Not Be Named wand too!!!


no sleep, no makeup, no comb.
SHAGGED. But super happy with Harry Potter :)

went for our first and only dimsum there.
The BF washing cups. There is this whole cup washing tradition i swear.

to be honest, i find the whole dimsum kinda disappointing.
i think Imperial does a way better job.

outfit change after check in and out to play!

oh i do love this pair of shoes very much.

day 2. it was typhoon signal 3 so raining the whole day.

too many mango goodness.

their mango sago pomela comes with an ENTIRE mango in it.

disneyland day!!


The BF's table after the meal. Super clean right?

My table. oops.

i bought minnie ears!! and wore them around Disney the whole day.

the Toy Story bear! and his belly smells of strawberry :)

hysterically driving. The BF was terrified.

oh mickey, you're so fine.

obligatory HK tourist shot.

our SGD$100 seafood platter.
it was so huge, some random person came over to snap a pic of it.

mini mini crayfish.

togged out in MP clothes, CALLIE dress and REI sandals.

Lord Stow's egg tarts

my absolute fav man of all times.

You know all those TVB dramas with people eating food
outta styrofoam cups and boxes?
i LOVE it. kept nagging BF til we finally ta bao-ed food
just so i can eat outta the cup and feel...TVB-ish.

mad happy can.

our meal on the last day.

we were left with HKD160 after spending quite a bit
at Macau's casino. muahahha.
i actually missed the return ferry cos i was busy
at the jackpot machine. oops.
anyway, the meal costed HKD153 and we were sooooo lucky
to have cash for them, cos they dont take cards.

super lucky to get upgraded to business class! :)
but met a bitch of a stewardess that totally ruined the experience.

And i actually woke up early enough today for brunch. wow.

one of the best buys of the trip :)

still shagged. but its good to be home.

think my skin does not agree with HK weather
cos its all bumpy and rough.
slapped on the SKII mask yesterday and its slightly better,
think will mask another type today.
Anyway, just a tip:
if you leave the SKII serum on your face after the mask,
about 5-10 mins later, it will dry up
and if you rub your face gently with your fingers,
you will actually get dead skin.
Or at least, i presume its dead skin.
Its akin to using those peeling gels,
and getting those dry bits when you rub it off.
in any case, i always happily rub off the dead skin
so its like a hydrating/renewal mask session all in one :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

May I know where u get the contrast color blazer from? :)

missypixie said...

grandchild from bugis, but about a year plus back!

Anonymous said...

hi where did you get the navy high waisted short that you pair with the turquoise tank top? (:

Anonymous said...

Where did u buy that clutch bag?? So pretty!

missypixie said...

shorts from mango, clutch from hongkong!

Anonymous said...

hi i think its due to their water. ur skin not used to it hence turned all rough n bumpy. my skin was damn clogged after coming back frm hk1!

missypixie said...

really??! oh gosh, i thought it was cos of my facewash or something. Thanks for telling me, hopefully it clears up soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love love your red sandals, where did you get them from?

Thanks so much!

missypixie said...

haha, its from :) we still have a few random pairs left!

Anonymous said...


How much is the topshop tank dress?

missypixie said...

hmmmmm. $29? or $36? cant really rem!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where can I get the sweater and sandals in your flight wear pix?:) Thanks! Mickey waffle looks goooooood! Hope your skin gets better!

missypixie said...

Sweater is from MP but its sold out! Sandals from mphosis :)

Anonymous said...

Still selling the sandals?:)

Anonymous said...

hi! may i know where u got the pair of black sandals in the last pic of this post? so pretty!

Anonymous said...

hi babe! was thinking of setting up a shop in town too, but how much budget should i need for a shop? to bring in clothes, stuff all that how much would i need to prepare? first time into a business so really need some guide! ):

missypixie said...

Sandals are from pazzion!

Anon - hi, am afraid I can't help mich but given town's rental rates, I suppose u need a rather large set up capital :)

Anonymous said...

hey babe, has olivia BO been sent out? Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

re: the black tank dress from topshop, which outlet did you get it from? i cant find it in their store ):

missypixie said...

got it at marina square outlet but i think its oos already :(

missypixie said...

OLIVIA BO will most prob arrive next week, once we mail it out, a mass email update will be sent!

Anonymous said...

What restaurant in hk did u have the seafood platter? It looks awesome. I heading there soon

missypixie said...

hey babe, we had it at Cafe Deco on The Peak, its kinda huge and i advise u get some warm soup to go along with it cos all those cold stuff feels bit weird after a while! haha