Thursday, June 23, 2011

darling 'cos you are the only exception.

so the weather's got me down and im nursing a bad throat and a throbbing head :( not exactly in the mood to blog right now so random snaps from fathers' day/mumsy's birthday/my favourite mondays it is.

they started camwhoring with my camera before meeting me at the restaurant, tsk!
mum's wearing an extremely old missypixie piece, hehehe.

and the feasting starts at peach garden.

love how small i am next to him, hahahahaha.

the nuclear family :)

then it was happy 55th birthday mumsie! decked out in missypixie again! hurhurhur.
eat and eat and eat and eat.

crystal jade dining in, vivocity.

and on monday, the boy brought me to one of his favourite duck rice hangouts, even though i was resisting 'cos i don't exactly like duck, save for peking duck.

housed at geylang lorong 20something.

and it was actually not bad! just a lil expensive for hawker food.

then we headed to the tampines dbss showflat, which we bidded for just in case we couldn't get the one at greenwood - our queue number's 900plus when there's only 600over units. sian.

guessed as much that they'd drop the price, given the amount of bad press and uproar from the public - just crossing my fingers and hoping for the final price list to be more friendly to our pockets! 

lastly, random outfits for the week.
am super in love with highneck tops! 

wearing Rei in Red - both me and kel got a pair each :)

saved this romper from the defect bag in my house and wore it out. usually when defects come back to us and there is no way of us returning to the suppliers, we either throw them away, give it to the salvation army, or in this case, sew/wash/do-everything-to-repair-it and then wear them ourselves. or sometimes we just wear items with small stains/holes. 
so poorthing right, i know. haha.

favourite romper of the month.

pssst... sale post coming up this weekend!
we have a surprise in store this july.. can't wait! stay tuned :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Sharon! I'm dropping by to say I love reading this space so please update more often! Missypixie FTW! :D

missypixie said...

haha love that last sentence! thanks for the support dear, will blog as much as we can! :)