Saturday, June 25, 2011

its no wonder they call it therapy.

went a lil overboard with shopping this week, eeeks.
blame it on the gss.

i remember those 830am mornings meeting kelly at isetan tampines mall, to "chiong" the mango sale, when we were still schooling. hahaha. getting knocked in the head by hangers and going in between shoppers' legs to snatch the item in the last size from the fitting room basket. embarrassing much!
all i bought those days were jeans, basic tops, and thousands of mini skirts which i no longer wear. 

anyhow, got these at the latest sale!

and this wrap ballerina skirt which i pondered for a good twenty minutes on whether to get or not because it makes my childbearing hips even wider :((
but i really couldn't resist cos of the way it falls so in to my shopping bag it went. yums!

blew the rest of the week's shopping budget at BYSI. 
was THIS close to getting the membership but i really couldn't find anything else i wanted :( 
where were you when i needed you kellyong!!!!!

(by the way, if you are reading this, welcome home! 
and contrary to your belief, no i did not miss you :p)

to work on friday with one of my new basic tops, highneck no less.

remember these sandals? we are in the process of manufacturing them! 
the sample is exactly the same as my own pair :) comfy much.
making it in black, royal blue, and nude! 

a sneak peek at some upcoming pieces:
cute sailorette inspired casual frock!

and a cotton military tiewaist romper :)

off to catch up on news for the week before heading to gym. 
have a great weekend y'all!



Anonymous said...

When will the sandals be ready? :)

Anonymous said...

The skirt is nice!

Anonymous said...

Omg when will the sandals be ready!!!!

Rebecca said...

what "childbearing hips"?! the wrap skirt is so gorge! I wish I saw it on the racks, but yea, quite over chionging the mango sales already. i only went to the tampines mall outlet this time and was out in a jiffy with just a tee. so packed in SUCH a small space argh. guess it was a rite of passage for many of us too :)

missypixie said...

anon1/anon3: sample's been approved so it really is now dependent on how fast the factory works, plus how efficient the shipping is! think might be a month or so.. hard to say. just stay tuned ok! :)

anon2: thank you!

rebecca: aiyah my superwide 42" lcd screen hips la, haha. i got mine at tampines mall outlet too! think there was still some left! went during offpeak hours so i could shop leisurely, hee :) yupyup definitely a rite of passage! good times, good times.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when will Mango sales end? love the shorts! How much was it?:)

missypixie said...

hey babe not quite sure when it will end but mango sales usually go on for quite long! think they'll slash it to 70% off for the last one to two weeks! got my shorts for $39 :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know where you get your t-bar shoes from? Was it expensive? Flats or heels? Thanks!

Christie said...

Hi girls, was just doing a survey and need your help. Would appreciate if you could assist.

Qn: What type of books do you read and who is your favourite author?

missypixie said...

Kel bought those t-bar heels from charles and keith but it was a looong time ago! :)

missypixie said...

hi christie! i usually like to read popular literature and "based on a true story" kinda books, hahaha. favourite reads include the kite runner, the curious incident of the dog in the night time, and some of mitch albom's earlier works. i do not have any favourite author actually, but if i have to pick i'd say sylvia plath :)

as for kelly, she reads a wide genre but loves thrillers best! her fave authors include Marian Keyes and JK Rowling. hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

i want the sandals in both black and nude!!! SO PRETTY! :D

missypixie said...

yes!! wait up for it! :D