Saturday, June 4, 2011

Really Random Post.

just a quick and useless update before everyone else gets home and i lose the mood to blog. 

outfit pics; i've been lazy in dressing up this week. eeeps.

lighting at the boy's house makes my skin (almost) alabaster!

but also makes my hair look like an ahlian :(

have also been buying Really Random Stuff lately.

a frilly bandeau for bali;

a straw hat at half price;

a wooden initial for my desk;
 (have always, always wanted this!)

a nice box to hold my cotton pads;

a new arm friend;

wireless mouse & mousepad;

and a moisturiser i've been wanting to try.

ok, sun's out! time to start on work proper. 
more pics to come after angie's wedding tonight.

on a sidenote, super heartened by the comments and likes with regard to our willow loafers :)))
will be launching them tomorrow night at 10pm so stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I know where you get the coral pants in this post? (:

missypixie said...

got it from topshop! :)

Anonymous said...

Will Judy have any other colours? I love the design and colour but it's too short for me :( the loafers are a bit too small in the width too! :(

missypixie said...

hi dear, this is the last colour that Judy will come in! the loafers are slightly stretchy so it shouldn't be a problem i think? kelly has slightly wide feet as well and it fits her fine!


Hi what camera do you use??:)

missypixie said...

hi sharmaine! i use a panasonic lx5 but i gotta say that i do colour-edit my pictures to what you see on the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the alphabet? :)

Anonymous said...

hello sharmie and kel, i am just wondering, what were the both of you doing before going into missypixie full time? what were the responsibilities of the jobs like? i am a fresh dip holder and i am so so so lost. i got myself a job and have been here for 3 months but i am starting to already think this is not the job for me... am thinking of switching to office jobs but really need some advices/know a lil about them because i've never worked in an office. :(

missypixie said...

anon: got it from this shop in wisma called TYPO! alot of nice things there! :)

missypixie said...

anon: hi dear, kelly worked in an events company and i was doing PR for a quasi-stat board :) to type out the entire job scope for you would be endless, but it definitely is a mix of everything la, admin work included. i guess everyone hits that
"what should i actually be doing?" stage somewhere in their career stages and i think the most important thing you must ask yourself is, "what would i feel happiest doing?" if your job doesn't interest you at all then perhaps you should look for others that do. interest aside, do also take into account the prospects of moving ahead in the company, good colleagues, personal growth, and of course, remuneration. that said, EVERY job has its pros and cons - even ours - so ask yourself if the pros outweigh the cons. if it does, and you can see yourself still in the same company 5 years down the road, then stay, work hard, impress your bosses, and get ready for that promotion ;) good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey may i know where did u get ur studded bag frm?

missypixie said...

hey dear i got the studded bag from bangkok :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply! ive thought through it and ive decided to stay at my current workplace. i really like missypixie, it's like on top of shopping, i get this very close feeling to you girls! love how you both update this blog frequently and always reply to the comments! also even when you are so popular and busy now, you still are very friendly towards customers! even the invoices are typed in a friendly and cheery way. :D thanks and love!

missypixie said...

hi dear, thanks for your kind words! we stay as grounded as we can :) great to know that we can be more than just a clothes website owner to you girls! anyhow - all the best in your career and if the going gets tough, remember to hang in there!