Sunday, June 12, 2011


back from my Bali birthday trip with tonnes of photos and memories to remember the gorgeous island by.

checked in at almost 11pm and there were no eateries that were still open by then :( 
so we raided the minibar and survived on the chocolates we (thankfully) bought at the airport.

good morning, bali!

out and about! off to lunch at la lucciola.

catching our first Bali sunset from Ku De Ta.

the actual day was spent parasailing and jet-skiing in the morning - wished i could have brought my cam up with me when i was in the air 'cos the scenery was just breathtaking but alas :(
had lunch at jimbaran bay thereafter.

waited for our second sunset at tanah lot.

drove over an hour back to the villa to freshen up. had wanted to check out the famed Metis but we were so knackered after the ride, we decided to settle for this nondescript grillhouse just opposite our villa - and it turned out to be one of the best meals we've had on the island!


bali aside, overdue pictures of the celebration with my g2 girls at cityspace after angie's wedding, with the most expensive bottle of moscato we've ever opened. hahaha. thank you girls!

wore midge jumpsuit for the occasion.

spot sue in brianna wrap dress! :)

they surprised me with a cake pop, but actually i kinda knew something was happening all along, hahaha.
even though they tried to convince me that pam was stuck in the toilet -.-"

happy birthday to me!

plus, an apt birthday card for someone who's passed the mid-twenties mark.

and all thanks to the boy, im now the proud owner of:

i swear his addiction to expensive watches is rubbing off me.
thankful for all who wished me, in one way or another, a blessed birthday - cos i think i truly, truly am.
counting those blessings every single day.



Anonymous said...

you look so pretty :)
happy belated bday!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow nice pics! Hope u had a great bday! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Sharon!! Where did you get the red polka dotted top you wore with the straw fedora?

missypixie said...

anon 1: thank you thank you :)

anon 2: yes i sure did ;) thank you!

anon 3: thank you dear! i got the red polkadot bandeau from forever21!

Anonymous said...

hi! may i know where did you stay in Bali?

missypixie said...

i stayed at Astana Batu Belig, in Seminyak - the service was fab! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh how much did it cost to stay in the villa?

missypixie said...

About 300sgd per night :)

Anonymous said...

whats your height and weight babe? :)

missypixie said...

im 159cm and 50plus kg - i don't like to weigh myself :( but a uk10 la! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, was wondering for Seminyak ,Bali, which airlines did you take? Because i actually checked Jetstar but it kept bringing me to Denpasar, Bali. So was wondering how do i go about booking the flight. Thanks!

missypixie said...

hi babe! the main airport at Bali is Denpasar, so you should be looking at booking for a flight to Denpasar! :) Seminyak is a region within Bali, just like Kuta/Nusa Dua/etc, so you have to arrange for a hotel transfer or a shuttle to the area in which you will be staying at! hope this helps! :)