Saturday, July 30, 2011

almost perfect

End of a draining week.
I gave up something earlier this week
and although the logical mind knows its for the better,
i cant help but feel a sense of loss.
I was there when it started, stayed with it through the ups & downs,
admittedly i didn't give it as much attention
as i should have, but still,
the end didnt come easy. :(

finally had the chance to wear VEL blazer after a long while.

and my daisy printed shorts from H&M :)

we got surprise gifts from supplier!
its one of those measuring tapes thingamy.
predict an Angry Bird version will appear soon, haha.

massive clothes trying sesh in the hotel room
with this week's haul.
topshop inspired cutout dress in white & green.

our high neck maxi, am loving the way it falls!!

AGNES wrap top in a bunch of colours, coming up this week!

banana fritters from roadside stall. not mushy enough.

Okay, lots of people have been asking about what we do in BKK,
so here is one thing, we always go here for the mani & pedis.
It might not be the cheapest around, approx 600baht for each
(works out to be 20plus sgd?)
but the service is reallllllyy good.

Its located in Siam Paragon Beauty Hall, walk right in,
behind the perfume counters and you will see a flight of stairs.

everyone gets a massage chair, which i usually dont activate
cos it makes me wanna pee. haha.

and then they will wrap your feet in cling wrap
with this AHA peel thingy to remove your dead skin cells!
plus they also use a wedge of lime, YES THE FRUIT, LIME,
to gently brush against your nails.
For what, I have no idea, but its just...amazingly cool.

and after all is done, they wrap your feet in hot towels
to better absorb the moisturiser. Apologies for stump-like feet.
The entire thing is brilliant I tell you.

best way to cheat your way to healthy looking nails :
get a super nude manicure such that your nail tips are slightly visible.

wore HOLLY top on friday and the first thing BF said when he saw me was..
"Who are you!!! Why are you green!!!" -_-'''

had Boon Tong Kee for lunch today,
chicky rice is super comforting.

Anyway, stupid whatsapp convos that make me laugh

the day my mum fell asleep on my bed and wont move,
no matter what.

Random morning message to the BF.

much love,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rainbow trippin'

back - slightly burnt, and wishing that the awesome weekend lasted longer.

photo time upon arriving at bintan.

beach essentials!

before heading out to dinner at 3degrees.

some sisterly love.

with my ridiculous hat.

nothing like some good old jumping shots to complete the beach vacay aye ;)

tonnes of pics to sort, as usual, but i have to be at the airport in 5 hours - we're off to bkk!
somehow we can never ever get any proper sleep before our sourcing trips.. doesn't help that im kinda buzzing from excitement with our new ride this coming weekend (byebye civic, hello scirocco!)

shuteye time. hope there's gonna be many pretty pieces to bring back for you girls this trip!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

what really matters.

I spent the whole week celebrating my birthday
and came to realise that ultimately,
family, good friends, good food are all that matters. :)

Went to work on tues in a blazer
despite the heat cos i really really wanted to wear this. haha.

Then met Mella after work for an impromptu dinner.
That led to impromptu shopping for bday gifts and....

my arty farty.

got one for Mella as well :)

got Ingrid the owl as my bday present from Sharmie.
She kept insisting that this owl totally represents me,
cos she is holding a spoon (ie. forever eating)
and becks keep calling me hungrid. (like hungry + ingrid)
BUT..see!!! Ingird BAKES buns, she no eat buns. THERE.

also got this travel wallet in petrol blue.
oh gosh, i just love how the colour sounds, petrol blue. Lovely.

and the next day, went Genting with the family.
Admittedly, its nothing fancy, but seeing the last family trip
was close to 10 freaking years ago,
ANY getaway is good enough.

view from hotel balcony. the weather is perfect really.
and the mist creeps into the room when it gets colder.

and then when in Genting, go jackpotting!

my mum's mini jackpot hit.

i actually got stopped by them to check my id,
then they checked my sis's one as well, cos i looked just like her
in the id card photo. scary.

had amazing food.

i ate every single scrap of fat lardy meat.
despite the BF poking at my belly every 2 mins.

It was during the second meal that i actually teared while eating.
Cos at that moment, it hit me that it has been so long
we all actually sat down and have a nice dinner to celebrate my bday.
and that at that point, it didnt matter that we were only in Genting,
or only eating normal dishes.
Its really the company that counts :)

my birthday outfit. theme for bday outfits this year is white. haha.

finally brought it out!

wearing VINN jade with a white silk blouse.
I have been dying to try the white + jade combi.
totally loving it.
also wearing MIN sandals in black.
totally loving it x 2.

We went Prime Society to have steak cos i couldnt
get the fatty pork outta my head.

i am sorry steak looks real bloody here
but gosh, its really good.

and they have some roast/fried potato chunks as sides
that are so heavenly - the skin was super crispy.

Then ending off the week with brunch with the girls at Spruce.
I usually pick a theme for my bday gathering,
this time round, it was colours.

traffic light happy friends.

had crab cake eggs benny.
the steak one was much nicer.

finally, group shot.
13 years and counting :))

birthday outfit. took me ages to find it!!!


much love,