Sunday, July 17, 2011

Private. Privé. Privado.

I am trying not to peek at orders
while the server guys monitor bandwidth and get one suitable for us.
praying hard this week's launch goes smoothly :(

spent this week in SG, so there's more time to dress up.

got this top with scallop covered sleeves from BKK sometime back
and finally found a chance to wear it :)

did ballerina the next day. Love the tutu skirt!!

our sandals are here!! there was a mad rush amongst my suppliers
for the colours cos no one can decide which one to get.
Sharmie, Becks and me are equally torn. erps.

went Marmalade and tried something different for once.
The steak burger is actually pretty good!

Then the next day, me and Sharmie went shopping for balloons!

the balloon animals play pen.
the sight of it is sooooo funny.

sharmie picked a penguin and brought it for a walk.

then after that she got a t-rex who had too heavy a tail. haha.

i got an ellie! with polka dotted ears no less!

our balloons!

becks and xm in new WILLOW items!

i do love balloons.

this is sharmie's expression when i told her to take a pic with me.
FINE. :(

i tied them around my hair and sharmie said i looked spastic. haha.


striped tee (berskha)// maxi skirt (mp)// clutch (hk)

blazer (bysi)// tee (sportsgirl)// shorts (mp)

one of the nicest sunset ever.

back to staring at the site.

much love,


Anonymous said...

what's the difference between WILLOW items and mp items?

missypixie said...

WILLOW is our self-manufactured label while if its just MP, then it would be self-sourced :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, has the maxi skirt been launched? It looks good! and i have been searching for maxi skirt! Any more instocks if it has been launched before? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Was just wondering if there's a possibility that the back of the sandals may cut/cause blisters? And how's the base of the sandals like? Are they hard? Sorry for the many qns!

Anonymous said...

may i know whether will the sandal be included in next collection and how much will it be retailing? thanks:)

Anonymous said...

are the sandals true to c&k sizing?

missypixie said...

hello, yup, we launched the maxi skirt a long time back and its all sold out already.

i hear no complaints about the sandals so far from my suppliers who got it, the base is made of suede, so it isnt hard :) it will be launched next weekend, priced at 32 mailed! this is cos loads of effort went into trimming the suede cut-outs :)

its true to c&k sizing, but do check against the measurements when launched for more details!

Anonymous said...

hello, may i know whether the waist for the marina dress in the latest collection is stretchable and able to fit uk10?

thank you! :D

missypixie said...

hi, its non stretchy, but should be able to fit uk10!

Anonymous said...

hey, I love the peach-coloured willow long-sleeved dress on your model! When will it be launched?

Missy Lynn said...

Loving those sandals!
Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I check when are the new willow items launching? The ones that the two models wore in one of the pics you posted in this entry? Thanks1

missypixie said...

Hi, they will be launched in aug!

Anonymous said...

is ur bysi red blazer still retailing? how much is it? it's so chic and pretty!

missypixie said...

hey babe, dont think its still retailing anymore, i got it for either $49 or $59, i cant remember! :)

Anonymous said...

hi babe, mind sharing where is the shopping centre you got the balloons at? been hoping to get the animal ones for my kid's one year old bday!
thanks in advance for the help! =)

missypixie said...

hello! we got it at parkway, its on level 2, outside Isetan, do check them out, they have loads of cute stuff :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your help!!! (:
i'll be sure to check them out!

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the hw shorts in brown in the first 2 pics? available in mp?

missypixie said...

its from cotton on actually :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) is that shorts high waisted and made of structured cotton? When did you buy it? available now ? :D

missypixie said...

hmm its not exactly high waisted but i wear it as my waist, not structured cotton either. Its just soft cotton, i got it a few months back and i doubt its still retailing!