Thursday, July 7, 2011

we were meant to fly

Am doing my diligent blogger/masking duty.
Currently I have on my second piece of Hada Labo mask
and here comes the review:

(to be honest, i wrote a first pretty damning review
of this mask and wanted to give up on it
but then i tried it again, and did a re-review)
Initially I wasn't too impressed with this.
Which is a pity cos I really liked the lotion and face wash.
But then i always think that not all products would work
equally well within one product range,
(which is why i use different products from different brands)
so this one kinda disappoints.
I thought it was..OKAY LOH.
But then i tried it again while preparing to blog
and surprisingly, this time round,
my skin looked significantly clearer and fairer.
I think the difference was that for the first time
i left it on for longer than 15mins and it dried up slightly
so i was left with crease marks on the face.
And this time round, I pulled it off after 10-15mins or so
when it was still wet and well, it turned out fine.
I wouldn't recommend you go out and buy it in bulk
but get a box to try, it shouldnt be too bad :)

Went for birthday dinner with Mella and Syd
which means i missed VDS appearance in SG!!!

there Rebecca, for you to ogle! haha :)
(rebecca is a reader who emailed me when she read that
i was crazy over Van Der Sar and she is so funny la. haha.
anyway, she offered to send me a pic of him if she sees him,
so in case you didnt babe, here u go!)

can see Syd in the background trying to get out of the pic, haha.

free tap water is a plus point?

we had these mini burgers called sliders at $1 each
cos the STI index closed lower than it started today.
how cute.

spicy wings at WIMP level, cos Mella said she almost cried
when she had it as AVERAGE JOE level previously. erp.

fried fish fingers are horribly un-photogenic.

savoury pancakes. very funky. they taste like my mum's pancakes.
My mum isn't a very good cook.

i looked damn pissed right? thats my default face, no kidding.
I was just trying to open a bottle of tabasco sauce!!

super blur pic of super happy me. eating thats why.

Lastly, i really wanna thank the BF x 999999999999999

i think i only mentioned once that i loved this clutch,
but i would have never gotten it myself cos its too exp.
He called all the way to London to get it cos SG is sold out
then spent ages frantically messaging Mella to ask if this is the perfect gift.

He almost died when he realised the interior is nude blush
ala my poor ex-miumiu wallet.
but i totally totally out of the world LOVE it can.

I am sorry I made you angry last night,
but we will make it, happily, eventually.

I was telling Mella that if someone ever audited me and the BF's conversations
the three most often words would be..
(thats his usual reaction when i say nonsense)
(his second usual reaction, often used with "erp")
(he calls me Lardy. Like......full of lard)
And i was complaining about how can he call me Lardy,
its so mean cos people usually call Baby or Dear etc.
And suddenly out of nowhere, he just indignantly exclaimed
"But...but she calls me LUMPY!"

I think thats why we are meant for each other :)

much love,


lianne said...

hey kelly, lovely clutch and lucky u for such an awesome bf. do u happen to know if he had to pay for it to be shipped to sg and if so, how much is the shipping?

missypixie said...

hello Lianne, he was lucky! he had a friend coming back from London so she hand carried it back for him :)

Rebecca said...

HAHAHAHA I was initially going to ask you where you got that photo from, before I saw the teeny channelnewsasia on it. Lousy!! He looks damn stoned!! Well I didn't go in the end, but my cousin did and she claims to have photos and vids (which, if she doesn't proceed to send me, I will henceforth disown her). So, you can hopefully look forward to those soon. Haha!

Also, congrats on the clutch! You think it'll help you along in your shop-free July?? Eh and do magazines count? If no, then I think you're good ;)

Anonymous said...

awww ! Kelly, you and your fiance are so cute together! =) *likes*


missypixie said...

rebecca: eh it was the clearest pic of him!! pls send me if you have videos, haha :)

i dont think magazines count, right??

Gen: thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

How much will the midi dress by Willow be priced on saturday? Below 30?

Desiree Choo said...

Love your outfit Kelly! Mind telling where are they from? :)

missypixie said...

Hey babe, we used so much cloth for the swing skirt that cost price is crazily high! Haha, it will be above $30 for sure :)

Desiree - toga dress from missypixie in the past, shoes from passion and clutch from bysi!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly,

may i know what is the mask that u were talking about in the post? and how much is it? Thanks!

ur skin looks so good!!

missypixie said...

hey babe, its the Hada Labo mask! u can refer to this link for pics :)

its the one on the extreme right!

Anonymous said...

where are the sliders at??

missypixie said...