Sunday, August 28, 2011

words of love

this was generally a week of too much good food.
I am feeling sluggish and stuffed and
dying to go on a detox diet of yoghurt, fruits and water or something :(

Anyway, first up, we would like to thank Maybelline Singapore!!

the kind folks there will be sponsoring our models' makeup from next post onwards
and it was heaven when the samples came!!

look at the lippies and gloss!!! excited much.
I tried one of the gloss and it was really good! review coming up soon :)

of course, who can forget our fav mascaras :))))

i am running outta ideas for blush coloured tops.
what other bottoms do you think they can go with except navy??

had plenty of time that day in office, so curled hair for fun.

one side done! i miss my curls!!

evidently, the other side is un-curled.

now both sides done! super pleased with bouncy curls for the night.

what i wore the next day for a vendor meeting.
in case you were wondering, we based VERN grey on this blazer for inspiration.

TGIF. me and sharmie ended up looking like a girl band.
i dont know if she is posting her outfit shot but she was...
in the same shade of pink (top) and wore a black flouncy skirt.
Between the both of us, we probably have 100 over outfits so..

CM-PB at Dempsey.

will die for their wagyu beef cubes. yums to the max.

house speciality drink - Apple Smith Mojito.

wings were.. blah :(

and get the bangers&rings if you are very very hungry and
you totally love sausages. cos there can really be too much of something.

and weekend was spent at lynnie's place for a mini housewarming
(i don't know why i didnt take pics, too busy eating i think)

in florals and crochet. i know they were both very girly items
and i wanted to throw them together to see how they go.
surprisingly, not as girly as i thought!

even though its PH on tues,
somehow we missed it and booked flights to BKK for sourcing
so BAH, would be working overseas while everyone is slacking in SG.
And sidenote, if you are opting for normal mail,
we will only mail it out on Wednesday cos based on past experience,
if we mail a day before PH, that batch will get horribly delayed :(
so to avoid all that trouble, we will mail it after PH.
-fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong-

much love,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

awesome possum.

cannot explain how much i love mondays because its one of the only days in the week i get to sleep in, wake up next to the boy, and actually spend quality time together with him - given that he works through the usual weekend and only knocks off at 9pm on most days :(

been enjoying our off days hanging out at quaint cafes and window shopping.

comfort food on a rainy day :)

clutch of the month, hehehe.

precious moments, precious moments.

then it was off to grand shanghai for dajie's birthday celebration last night!

sis in willow's bella black maxi!

the birthday girl woman

all dressed up!

really grand shanghai man.

don't know why mothers let their sons pose like that...

here is the boy trying to hide behind me so i will look bigger than him.

at the last wedding dinner i went to, which was filled with relatives i only see once in a decade or so, everyone thought i was the elder sister. i scoffed when i heard that line but looking at the photo below now - 
good golly, they might have been right.

she's two years older leh!!! :(

anyhow, the food there was mmm-mmmm gooooooooood.

happy birthday jie! may you be the hottest mama alive.

and here's a fake smile from the cutiepie.

adjourned to liquid kitchen for drinks/dessert with the boy thereafter - knew he was secretly aiming for the lava cake when he suggested the place -.-

happy max!

ok, back to researching for taichung - cannot believe i'm counting down already!
have an awesome week ahead too girls! :)


Monday, August 22, 2011

and i can be violet sky

Didnt lead a very exciting life this past week,
went to source for stocks and unfortunately,
didnt manage to get a lot this time round.
Bummer :(

But still, managed somehow to spend more money
buying stuff from myself (unbelievable really)
I usually have a few favs from each collection
and everytime i see someone ordering the exact same stuff
i would have gotten myself, i feel like patting that person on the back
and go
"eh, good taste." *pats pats* WHAHAHHHAHAHA
so my picks from this collection are....

both me and sharmie think this is an impossibly adorable piece.
and stripes are coming back, i can feel it in my bones :)

this mint and grey is an exact topshop colour combi we saw months back
and got super attracted to. So much that everything i see mint,
i think of grey.

and we brought back KRISTY in wine red,
which is all you see in Zara these days. That, orange, teal & navy.
This fall season's colours are rocking my socks i tell ya.

i dont think i have a navy maxi yet so..there!
(i so love the keyhole detail at the back)

and i dont usually do this but i actually got LESLEY shirt
in both colours, white AND nude.
Even if they are probably interchangeable, the moment i saw them,
i thought they will fit so well with everything in my wardrobe
then ahyah, dont care, buy both first, just in case.

and in case no one noticed, crochet and lace are appearing this fall as well.
Love this lace tee details, unfortunately it went pending
before i could sneakily keep one slot for self. :(
and i am still on the lookout for crochet shorts with scalloped or lace hems.
Very specific i know, (i am driving sharmie mad with my specific requirements)
so if you see crochet shorts of any kind with cute hems,
pls pls LET ME KNOW.

and i so forgot to do this the last post,
but lemme present pics of baby nephew isaac :)

yes, we are bathing him in the KITCHEN sink.
please don't worry, its not the first time we have done so.
We did exactly the same for his brother,
some sort of family initiation process.
The BF kept laughing about it til i told him our kids will
most likely also have to go through this.
He stopped laughing. hur hur.

and then he looks super tortured here
cos my mum, who isn't the gentlest person on earth,
just dumped a cup of water over him.

very protective of duckie toy.

after his bath, with his face full of pumpkin porridge.
further evidence my sis is terrible at feeding him :(

happy baby = happy everybody actually.

Went to Brussel Sprouts at East Coast last friday,
borrowing xm's bday dinner idea, just at different venues, haha.

i really like their fruit beers, more cos they actually taste like..
those cheap sparkling grape juice from NTUC that i secretly love.

we sat outside, which was fine cos it was breezy

the fish&chips were HUGE. like falling off plate HUGE.

and mussels were..erm, salty. haha.

I am okay with the whole meal, i like the ambience more than anything
but its kinda pricy so unless i am with a big group
who loves free flow of fries, i dont think i will be dropping by soon!

lastly to end off, my only outfit shot of the week
(yes, i have been incredibly lazy)

will work harder this week i promise!!

much love,