Tuesday, August 9, 2011

for the love of.

what a week - meeting up with suppliers, decade-old friends, and a chill-out sesh to top it all off.
first up, outfits. been really lazy lately and have been doing the tops+shorts combi almost everyday :x

love lattice tops!

took this while waiting for the locksmith to arrive 'cos our office lock died on us and we blew $120 to change it :(

wearing michy in red!

gymming at the boy's.

went to ippudo x tao for dinner after gym. im supposed to save up for my future but these stupid temptations like food glorious food never fail to make me lose my resolution :(

they had this garlic squeezer thingy which i kept playing with, hehe.

while the boy just keeps busying himself on the ipad -.-

brussel sprouts on friday with the girls - we were so hungry we forgot to take pictures during dinner! 
headed to st laurent bernard for dessert thereafter.

the famous chocolate souffle which i felt was so-so only. 

and the iced chocolate which i ordered was the lousiest i've ever had. even the iced milo i make at home for myself is 100 times better can?!

late night drinks at liquid kitchen, pre-national day.

with the boy preoccupied with the same thing again. 

and that sums up my week. 
can't wait for the party tonight - pizza and wings with the family as we catch the national day parade together on the telly - our annual tradition!
but first up, time to hit the gym before piling on the calories again :(

have a fantabulous national day week girls!



Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon, mind sharing where did you het the first top in while and also the black one before "ippudo dinner"? Thanks in advance!

missypixie said...

anon1: hi! got the first top from TOPSHOP and the black one was from missypixie a long time ago! :)

Anonymous said...

hi where is your nude flats from? very cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh can you roughly remember the price of the Topshop top?

Please blog about the Maybelline show? I didn't get tickets and I am really curious!

missypixie said...

anon2: hello there! nude flats are from mitju :)

anon1: the top's still retailing i think, at $76? and yes, kelly has the pictures for the Maybelline show so she'll blog about it soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey where are your black shorts from? was it a recent buy? looks niceee

missypixie said...

hi! i got the black pleather shorts from cotton on some time ago! don't think its retailing anymore :(