Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maybelline Hypercouture Fashion Show

Before I start blogging about the event,
I need to note this down...
the BF and I finally did an evening run at ECP today.
For the first time in our dating history.
Unbelievable. WHAHAHAHAHHAA.
He was excited, I was exhausted. Bah.

So last saturday was the Maybelline Hypercouture show!!
we went down bright and early
(so early that we were the first sponsors to arrive actually. erps)

you cant miss this, its super bright and cheery
and right smack at the front door!

Our models for the day, Daphne and Janice :)
super sweet girls.

thank you for your help babes!

thats me in Bianca Nude tube top and SHERRY grey skirt.
All togged out in MP wear. With my fav photo of the month, hahahaha.

and its starting!!! the whole club was packed i tell you!

loads and loads of people.
I wished i had the time to look around and scout for potential models!

Janice in ALEXA NAVY :)

our upcoming shrug inspired by Elizabeth & James.
by the way, she is the BF's fav model. haha.

lastly, super happy Daphne in SARAH cream. :)

final curtain call and kudos to mella for the pics,
i know its damn hard to take a good enough photo that day!

Confetti BOMB!

thank kew for coming down!!

and you too la, haha.

Lastly, thank you Maybelline for this opportunity,
we had a lot of fun and it was great!
Thank you also to those who came by to say hi,
Ningxin, Liqin, Deborah etc.
and also to nice random girl who said she loved everything
she saw on the runway, happiness much!

was totally famished after the event,
so went for carbo-packed dinner.

its just one whole mouthful of cheese. bliss.

and then the pasta dishes came and...i ate them all up
and forgot to take any pics. heh heh.

i thought i was being spastic to take this pic
before i realised right after me, someone else also went to take a pic.
so there, i am not alone!

picture courtesy of Carolines Mode
saw this Zara shirt that day and i cant stop looking at it
everytime i step into Zara. So simple, just perfect.

super randomly, i permed my hair 6 months ago and now,
its not too curly nor too straight but i am thinking of a re-perm
what say you?

much love,


Anonymous said...

I would kill to be your model! Haha :) I felt sad when I read that your bf has a "fave model"... You don't mind him looking at other girls? Or maybe I'm just a possessive gf hahah

NX said...

:) hi Kelly! It was so good to see u and Sharon in real after I started buying from ya since 2008 =D I'm an on-and-off buyer hehe, thats why u couldn't rmb me but thats okie ! ^^ The two of you look even prettier in real life =)

I can't wait to wear the Sarah ribbon maxi out with my boyfriend this coming Saturday =) its so pretty when worn! Keep up the awesome work Missypixie ^^


missypixie said...

Haha no la, I have complete faith in him and sometimes we look at girls together!! :)

Hello ningxin!! Not that we couldnt remember you but cos I didn't catch your name (too noisy, haha) thank you for the kind words!

jy said...

the collection was really great! wearing my purchase from that day today! =)

cant wait for you to launch the shrug.. i tried to wear it yesterday but hubby commented it look too big on me... dying to show him photos of how it looks like!

Anonymous said...

I wish that MP will have more willow items haha! Each piece makes me love MP more and more, even though I don't buy frequently.

And I think you look good with curled hair! Matches your girly outfits and juxtaposes when you wear andro stuff!

missypixie said...

JY: haha, thank you thank you! we are launching it soon, in the next 2 weeks i promise!

anon: oh gosh, we already have a lot of WILLOW items le! must support, buy leh buy leh, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Haha Kelly, I can't buy too much cos I'm still a student and it's always a wee bit short! But yes, buying exclusively online from MP lately!

Anonymous said...

Will Emma black party dress be at kissjane anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Kelly! Where did you see the hello kitty vans shop? Sorry that i sound toooo excited. Haha. Thanks!

liqin said...

hello! thanks for remembering tt i dropped by! :) so glad to finally say hi to the both of you cos i never manage to do that everytime i see you both :D heh heh and i managed to get flo white, happiness much! :D

missypixie said...

anon: thank you :) just kidding la, its nice enough that you like the designs!

Emma black is at kissjane bugis already, and the hello kitty shop is unfortunately just a giant hello kitty poster at a VANS shop at Orchard Central :(

Liqin: yay! mailing u your FLO today, haha

Anonymous said...

hi, is the sherry skirt u wearing avail? or its belongz to previous launches?

Christine said...

Saw your lace dress at kissjane today! Love it to death!

missypixie said...

anon: the SHERRY skirt was from prev collection and its all sold out already!

Christine: yup!! we love it too! and i am keeping a pc for myself, haha :)