Monday, August 15, 2011


Anyway, something has been irking me so badly
i need to let loose.
I think its sad enough you made your guy come up with some
fanciful story when we all know it was your idea afterall.
But its fine, I know somedays one may feel anti-social.
However, there is a difference between being anti-social and outright rude
and yes, you were damn rude.
If you want to snub his friend of 10 over years, fine, go ahead.
But considering the last time i checked, we were on speaking terms,
would it KILL you to just say 'hi'?
Or lets presume you were suffering from a sore throat,
how about a smile? a one second smile before u go back to the phone
and pretend to be oh-so-engrossed you had no idea someone you knew
just came up to you both and said "HELLO".

I don't know.
I just think its unbelievable some people behave like that.
At this age, in this society.
I totally give up on this bonding shit.

Now I have gotten all the angst out of the way,
here are some happenings from the past week!

ta daaa! me in jeans to meet the girls!
as luck would have it, sharmie was in jeans and a black top
the very same day, when we almost never ever wear jeans
on normal days. -_-

dug my octopus earrings out from MP accessories box for use.
heh heh.

am totally in love with my top, hence the countless pics.

it took a very lost me and Mella 15 mins to find this place.

calamari was... super duper rubbery.
Like if there is a lull in conversation, its cos all 3 of us
were frantically chewing our jaws off.

braised beef cheek. it :(

i dont know why people terrorise themselves eating squid ink pasta.
well, at least i was terrorised. hahah.

the waiter was kind enough to offer to take a pic
before we start on the pasta. I now know why!!
note: they changed our napkins to black ones just for the pasta.

then came the only saving grace of this meal: tiramisu. yums.


dont look at me like that, i shared!!!

my poor attempt at faking a bob.

love how different me and Mella dress all the time :)

and the next day was me and the BF's half anniversary!
half cos, erm, we broke up half way and got back on a different date
and cant remember that date so we went back to using the old one.

new shoes!

he surprised me with sweets!
turns out that the day i was out with the girls,
he was heading to get stickies and when i told him i was on
Cantonment Road (cos Mella got lost i think)
he was on the SAME road, and he panicked thinking i could see him
and lo and behold, our cars were just 2 lanes apart!!
then he floored the accelerator and ran off. haha.

surprise dinner as well cos i didnt know he wanted to celebrate!

We opted for the chef's menu cos couldnt be bothered to think
and there were a few hits and misses. boo.

butternut pumpkin soup that looks like curry
and tastes like, unfortunately, curry as well.
must be the turmeric. :(

beef carpaccio, nothing memorable but not too bad either.

prawns wrapped with something on a bed of something
(haha, i forgot)
but this was undisputedly the best dish of the evening.
the prawns were crunchy but not frozen prawns crunchy
and the bed of something went so well with it. ahhhhhh.

then we had this cute lil ball of sorbet to cleanse our palate.

fairy lights came on in the trees!

pho-whored a bit since no food came.

and after waiting for half a century..
the main courses arrived.

okay, this is like wagyu beef but oh dear, it was so bad :(
the presentation was..i dont know, you slap the beef in the centre
then you throw leaves around and squirt some sauces and...
you get this horrible looking dish. Rah.
it was overcooked by the way.

and so was the fillet, which despite me trying my best,
still looks white and grey and unappetising.
and kinda depressing.
so the mains were kinda a letdown.

then desert came to save their asses by that little bit
cos it was filled with different flavours, nice but overwhelming.

So final verdict is..
I might go back, for brunch or something
cos i totally love the ambience but would
avoid the chef's menu at all cost :(

much love,


Anonymous said...

i like your tank top and new sandals! mind sharing where are they from? :)

missypixie said...

hello! top is from H&M, sandals from Charles&Keith :)

Anonymous said...

Hi kelly where did you get your floral dress? It's so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

helloo do you have neon coloured dress stocked up at kissjane? i'm attending a neon themed birthday party on this friday. ohmygod helpp!

Anonymous said...

do you have marina in green/ orange at kissjane? please say yessssss!!

missypixie said...

hello, its from MP sometime back :)

anon: i think we have some LOLA orange/green/blue stocked at KJ but not too sure if they are sold out, if so, we will be restocking on thurs evening anyway! unfortunately, there are no more slots left for MARINA backorders so we wont be stocking them there!

Anonymous said...

hi babe, is the sandals still retailing in stores? how much did you buy it?

Anonymous said...

may i know which outlet did you get the charles and keith sandals ? :)

missypixie said...

Hi, just got it recently so should still be retailing! It's approximately $40 and I got it from parkway :)