Sunday, August 14, 2011

thank god for girlfriends.

as close friends would know, me and kel are quite different in character, haha. nothing bad about it though.
unlike her, im not one who plans my daily outfits beforehand - i usually dress according to 3 main factors, in no order of preference:
1. my mood 
2. the weather
3. activities for the day

so i get kinda irked when some people say singaporeans are sloppy dressers and they like to blame it on the weather... hey, in all fairness, have these people ever put on more than 3 layers and actually felt comfortable in this freaking 35 degree climate?! that said, no excuse to be donning tank tops, denim shorts and slippers all the time though. think all we need are pretty prints, flowy (read: airy) pieces, awesome shoes, and accessories to pull off a fab summer look. 

am gonna take a leaf from songofstyle. 
love how chic she looks even in the simplest of ensembles.

schweeeeet, don't you think?

okay now i feel damn shitty posting my own outfits below because they are so drab, aaahhhhhhh.
closing my eyes and pressing "upload" anyway! >.<

threw this look on because i badly wanted to wear my wisteria wedges - haven't worn them for more than ten times so cost per wear is still quite high for now! aiming to lower that by this year rarrrrrrhh.

checked out smith's at tanjong katong road on friday night.

our orders came wrapped in greaseproof paper - just like the memorable takeaway we had in new zealand :)

ehhh sad to say i think its horribly overpriced and i won't be going back anytime soon. think the western food stall at my nearby kopitiam rocks my socks better than smith's.

went for a dip at mbs' infinity pool with the g2 girls yesterday!! 

went a little crazy doing stuff like water ballet,

and piggybacking each other.

camwhored aplenty. 
i think we have enough photos of each other to last us a lifetime.

the girls who were there for me through my rough times - the drinking, the clubbing, the ktv-ing, the KL-tripping and so much more.

<3 <3 <3

more times like these, please!! 
looking forward to taiwan (yes, again!!) in october
and macau in december next.
any recommendations for taiwan? im planning to travel out of taipei - to taichung/hualien perhaps?
thanks in advance!



Desiree Choo said...

I love Aimee too! She's such an inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!

Hualien is more like a countryside, the gorges are pretty but nothing much to do. Recommend Kaoshiung and Tainan! Especially Kaoshiung, I quite liked the night markets as compared to the touristy Shilin one in Taipei.

missypixie said...

desiree: true that! :)

anon1: thanks for this! not sure if i have time to go kaoshiung though :( have you ever been to taichung?? heard about the fengjia night market and am itching to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon! Yes I have been to Tainan for a night and only went to Zhong Hua Night Market though. But it's just a nice quieter suburban city, not as nice as Kaoshiung but more like a homey feel! Sorry I can't be of much help!

missypixie said...

Aah don't say that, any help is help! :) I'll research more and see if I should head to kaoshiung instead then! Thanks so much babe! :)

Anonymous said...

Kaoshiung is very homey and filled with "ren qing wei". Can go Eda theme park too :) Why don't you go YiLan for their Mingshu, bed & breakfast?

Cindy :)

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where did you get the studded bag from in 9 Aug post? also the pumps before the wisteria wedges pics? thanks!!

missypixie said...

cindy: i only have 5 days there and im planning to spend 3 days in taipei and 2 days somewhere else.. don't think i can head up to yilan! :( tempted to check out kaoshiung instead of taichung now, hehe. loads more research to be done! ;)

anon2: hi! i got the studded bag from bangkok a long time ago! and the weave pumps are from charles & keith!

anon2 said...

thanks for sharing! any idea if they still have it at charles & keith? did you bought it recently? thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Must I stay at the MBS hotel in order to use the pool? If not, how much is it to enter? Thanks!

missypixie said...

anon2: im not too sure if they are still there! :( go check and see!

anon3: hi dear yes unfortunately you have to stay at mbs in order to gain access to the pool! :)

anon2 said...

hi babe, sorry to trouble you again. May i know which outlet did u bought it from? cos i went to the one at Novena and City Hall, they do not have the design :(

missypixie said...

anon2: hi dear i got it from the outlet at wisma i believe!! i was walking all around town looking for the pair in my right size..