Sunday, August 28, 2011

words of love

this was generally a week of too much good food.
I am feeling sluggish and stuffed and
dying to go on a detox diet of yoghurt, fruits and water or something :(

Anyway, first up, we would like to thank Maybelline Singapore!!

the kind folks there will be sponsoring our models' makeup from next post onwards
and it was heaven when the samples came!!

look at the lippies and gloss!!! excited much.
I tried one of the gloss and it was really good! review coming up soon :)

of course, who can forget our fav mascaras :))))

i am running outta ideas for blush coloured tops.
what other bottoms do you think they can go with except navy??

had plenty of time that day in office, so curled hair for fun.

one side done! i miss my curls!!

evidently, the other side is un-curled.

now both sides done! super pleased with bouncy curls for the night.

what i wore the next day for a vendor meeting.
in case you were wondering, we based VERN grey on this blazer for inspiration.

TGIF. me and sharmie ended up looking like a girl band.
i dont know if she is posting her outfit shot but she was...
in the same shade of pink (top) and wore a black flouncy skirt.
Between the both of us, we probably have 100 over outfits so..

CM-PB at Dempsey.

will die for their wagyu beef cubes. yums to the max.

house speciality drink - Apple Smith Mojito.

wings were.. blah :(

and get the bangers&rings if you are very very hungry and
you totally love sausages. cos there can really be too much of something.

and weekend was spent at lynnie's place for a mini housewarming
(i don't know why i didnt take pics, too busy eating i think)

in florals and crochet. i know they were both very girly items
and i wanted to throw them together to see how they go.
surprisingly, not as girly as i thought!

even though its PH on tues,
somehow we missed it and booked flights to BKK for sourcing
so BAH, would be working overseas while everyone is slacking in SG.
And sidenote, if you are opting for normal mail,
we will only mail it out on Wednesday cos based on past experience,
if we mail a day before PH, that batch will get horribly delayed :(
so to avoid all that trouble, we will mail it after PH.
-fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong-

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know what place were you at in the picture with the pink skirt outfit?

missypixie said...

i was at some shop!

Anonymous said...

haha can't believe someone asked the same question I wanted to ask! which shop was it?

love the top :)

Anonymous said...

hello i'm a loyal customer! when will you be in BKK until? I'm not sure if jetstar or tiger is better, which do you take usually?

nurulia said...

noooooooooo i missed your launch cos i was out & now janelle is sold out!!!!

missypixie said...

We are usually there for 2 days! I take whichever airline that's cheaper actually. No preference!

Nurulia - no worries babe, we are opening backorders for it soon!

Anonymous said...

will you guys have janelle in other colours?

Anonymous said...

where did you get the blush top and navy shorts frm?

missypixie said...

nope! cos navy + nude is the nicest combi for JANELLE we feel :)

got the blush chiffon top from MP ages ago, navy high waist shorts are from Mango!

Anonymous said...

hi! may i know the brand of the curler ure using? the curls look good!

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where you got the pink skirt that you were wearing in one of your pictures? :)

nat said...

is that new look in your first outfit post? which new look do you usually vist? i find that some of them have nicer stuffs no..?

missypixie said...

anon: hey babe, i cant remember offhand the brand of curler, its from Courts and i think its one of the cheaper ones! haha.

anon: pink skirt is from FEP, and we actually sold it on MP before! if i am not wrong, i think there is one last pc at KISSJANE bugis outlet :)

nat: yup! sharp eyes! its New Look. I usually go to the one at ION, think it has the widest range, no?

Anonymous said...

The samples all looks great!

Advice, try not to post out on Fridays cos it will arrive one or two days later than the batch sent out the following Monday!

Try pairing it with other pastels like ivory, peach or lavender! Or maybe the safest choice of black!

missypixie said...

anon: unfortunately, Fridays are when backorders usually arrive so we post it out then hoping customers can get their stuff from Monday onwards :(

Anonymous said...

Hello :) is flo white available at kissjane?

Anonymous said...

what's the material used for janelle? is it viscose? and is the cut more structured or loose fit?

thanks!! :)

missypixie said...

hi! FLO white is not at kissjane outlets cos it was already pending online. As for JANELLE, its not viscose, but thick structured cotton. its a shift dress cutting, so not tight but not too loose either!

Anonymous said...

Able to manufacture convertible dresses like JANICE or jumpsuits like MIDGE? Missed out on them cos I am a rather new customer of MP!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, what foundation do you use/recommend?

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where did u get your grey blazer? It look nice! Love it!

missypixie said...

we are planning to bring in convertible dresses for the year end so do look out! :)

I am using Lancome's one! Its not too bad i think!

I got the blazer from BKK sometime back, you can get VERN grey as a replacement! haha :)

Anonymous said...

hi, where did you get the black tube from? The one you matched it with the pink flowly skirt!

missypixie said...

think i got it at BYSI some time back!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, do you still remember which store and which level from fep you got the pleated pink flowly skirt?

missypixie said...

think its the 4th floor! i cant remember the name or if the shop is still there! haha