Monday, September 26, 2011


been avoiding the town area for fear of crowds from everywhere - F1, h&m, whatever.
so i've been cooping up in my neighbourhood and the boy's quite often and re-discovering the joys of living in the heartlands, hahaha.

first up, hawker food. what's not to like?
 i swear the chilli meepok opposite my house is da bombest of da bomb.
had this while launching the collection on sunday, hehe.

breakfasts with the boy in his vicinity.

accompanied the sis to tampines central to shop for children's day gifts for her piano kids and it was in and out of gift shops aplenty... she didn't get much but i spent on boliao stuff instead.
case in point:

like that how to save money you tell me :((

got these suede zip booties at newlook and happily conjured an entire outfit around it - 

and they gave me not one, not two, but THREE hugeass blisters!
and thing is, i was wearing socks!! 
pfffffftamade. that's it. i'm forever swearing off newlook shoes. you heard me.

other outfits of the week.

donning a new willow item - contrast ribbon 50's dress! :)
the skirt was super pong pong 'cos i didn't bother to iron the back. oops.

and before i sign off to get myself into sleep mode, here's a sneak peek at our tiny towers -
i've got his gym in mine and he has got our boutique in his! wahaha!

sourcing trip in another seven hours. seriously didn't get any sleep at all the last trip and i was dozing off everywhere when we got there :(
hoping i get at least two hours of shuteye this time - g'night world!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

A whole new ballgame, baby.

I was just chatting with the girls today at brunch
about how relationships today are no longer like relationships of the past.
How we dated at 17/21/23/26 is completely different now.
A whole new ballgame, baby.
When we were younger, if we liked each other, it unfolds like this:
I like guy, guy likes me back.
I like guy so much i wanna see guy all the time
(at least for first month, hence called honeymoon period)
guy likes me back so much, he wanna see me all the time too.
We tell each other how much we like each other,
and we see each other all the time.
We text each other in the morning when we wake up,
and at night before we sleep.
And we are so happily enclosed in this cosy furry ball of love,
we ignore everyone else and just be disgustingly in love.
And to my horror, i realised today, love at 26 is NOT like that anymore.
Its a - quote lynn: "a power struggle" between 2 beings.
It is now:
I like you but I don't really dare tell you in case
you think that i am OTT or, god forbid, clingy and needy
so I have to pretend I don't really like you so much.
But crap is, I do like you and I really want to see you
but I cant tell you so i beat myself up inside,
then feel like shit cos you don't seem to want to see me as much
or is it cos you are busy? or more mature? or less clingy?
and then...drama unfolds.
Why does everything have to be so complicated now?
Is it really so hard for a nice girl to find a nice guy these days?

I like my kind of world.
I like being random or retarded and telling the BF things like
"Buy me a marshmellow chick PUH-LEASE"
and have him ask me back,
"Go where buy?"
And I am thankful i don't have to go date someone now,
cos i think everyone will just think i am crazy
and ignore me and I will die a sad lonely death.
All by myself. :(

Anyway, met up with Syd and Mella for monthly outings.
We try to go to different places for dinner every month
and try different cuisines, so this time, its curry!!

wore ALANIS navy with black heels and clutch.
I have this thing for offsies cos i am completely deluded into thinking
my shoulders are the nicest part of me.
So deluded I am going to make my bridesmaids ask the BF
"What's the nicest part of Kelly's body?"
And force him to answer: "Shoulders"
before he can come into my house and get the bride.

new zippity zip clutch.

Muthu's curry famous fish head curry.

the unfortunate thing is that curries are really not photogenic
cos they are in various shades of lumpy orange.
and after a while, they all start to taste the same too.

reminds me of Winnie the Pooh honey pot! haha

i am really not much of a dessert person.
I generally find desserts too sweet and too much.

many spastic pics cos i somehow, managed to delete the only group shot of the day.
smart, Kelly, real smart. -_-

me with short hair!! how do i look, please tell!
the BF says i look fresh. I think i dont look like myself :(
(yah i know the mirror is dirty, please ignore and focus on the hair)

okay back to normal hair. That was our resident wig just now, WIGGY.
wearing fav shirt of the moment, LESLEY white, and totally digging its slouchiness.
thank god i got it in nude as well, tee hee hee.

weekend outfit!

brand new wine red shorts. Love.

the BF wanted to die of embarrassment when i forced him to take this pic.
BF: "erm, got people looking!!!"
me: "it's okay, thats cos I am cute."
BF: "No. Thats cos you are weird."

Brunch at Royal China today.

it has gotta be one of the darkest brunch places i have been.
and everything is in duck egg blue!

char shao su, OOOMMMMM. NOMS NOMS.
as with all dimsum brunches, took 2 shots, then spent the rest of the time
eating away and forgetting blogger duty.
It wasn't too expensive but i think we over ordered. hahahaha.
and please do a reservation before going cos they absolutely don't take walk-ins.

Lastly, before i sign off to do work,
here are my pixie picks for this week!

BEA white, cos i am in love with white dresses
and i think this will look so good with a nude belt.

OLIVIA purple, cos i am hooked onto barney colours this season
and we made this dress longer so its appropriate for work, finally!

CARA blue & pink, cos i am attracted to lady-like midi skirts
and i love love love petrol blue.
In fact, i can't quite decide between this and rose blush.

much love,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

physical(ly) abuse(d)

and the highlight of my last week was...
I finally got to check out sharmie's boyfriend's gym - Physical Abuse.
Oh boy oh boy.
We were actually planning on attending this Drums Alive class
where u use Fitballs as drums, use proper drumsticks and hit along to a rhythm.
Okay, rhythm? that i can handle.
Plus its supposedly ah-MEH-zing for the thighs and butt
and i need all the thighs help i can get.
But in true kelly suaybong-ness, the class got cancelled
cos the instructor fell sick. -_-
So sharmie said, "erm, never mind, can try yoga, at 630pm"
okay, yoga? i like!
except at 615pm, i was still in office working,
and i have yet to do stock-in for both KJ outlets. -_-
in the end, settled for normal proper gym workout,
i was aiming for a relaxing session on the cross trainer but...


super enthu pre-gym sesh.

then i got excited cos i saw one of those vibro-machines
that vibrate while u do your workout, and it helps burn fats faster
than if you were to do it on normal flat ground.
So being lazy, of course go for shortcut right?
Furthermore, not like all gyms in SG have this ok.
omg, i died.
It was a short 15 mins session but it felt like forever.
The entire machine was vibrating all the while and i did squats on it
and initially i could feel nothing, just a vibration ala OSIM massage
then, 40 secs into the workout, it hit.
omg omg omg, my entire muscles screamed and i could feel the lactic acid build-up
and i wanted to stand up but i am not supposed to stand upright,
so resumed half squat position and just died.
(even resting on this machine trains your thighs i tell ya)
followed by a series of lunges, squats, planks, push-ups etc
and okay, no trainer = impossible to do.
If there is no one guiding you along (or yelling at u to GO ON, 2 MORE!!)
i think i would have hugged the machine and used it as massage therapy
happily til end of the day.

So since we are there, gotta try their speciality, kickboxing.

i look okay here right? hur hur.

then you see sharmie and realised her leg is in a blur,
cos she is kicking waaaaay faster than me. oops.

but kickboxing is crazily fun and very very good for letting off steam.
Plus i actually prefer doing workouts like kickboxing or dance or yoga
cos it works the entire body instead of plain cardio like running or weight.

lastly, asked for tips to combat the dreaded flabby underarms fats
(and yes, thats the dreaded vibro-machine)
basically, you do dips and here is the key -
you don't move too far from the surface, just skim your butt off and near the chair,
and gently dip downwards.
You should feel the muscle strain, but not the pain in your elbow joint.

and if you are like me, super particular about toilets,
then yes, this toilet, i approve :)

end of the day, my legs were shaking and i was completely spent.
of course, i suffered from horrible muscle ache for the next THREE days
and even today, i am still feeling the slight twinge at my thighs.
lousy me, i know.

Other happenings for the week!

me in neutrals, and sharmie said i look like her primary school uniform.

started the week in something cheery, MAYVIS orange midi.
am starting to have a thing for midi skirts :)

upcoming Victorian lace dress

and best buy of the week?

love :)

much love,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i keep on falling in and out of love.

so the story was that me and kel finally got to check out h&m after all that hoo-ha and all i got was...

this silly knit beret in grey.

i've always wanted a beret but seriously, i don't know where to wear it to, hahaha. 
nothing in the shop attracted either one of us and the crowd made it so difficult to shop, we were in and out in less than half an hour. perhaps if it were winter here then there'd be so much more to buy. speaking of which, i am insanely attracted to this ampersand jumper from topshop.

i love ampersands 'cos they just look so cute - put it on a knit jumper and it becomes 10x cuter but i am never ever going to buy this 'cos there is NOWHERE to wear it to. pah!

and then it was love at first sight with this chunky suede peeptoe heel from newlook -

but alas, it was not meant to be. i was trotting around in it and it was so mighty uncomfortable! 
unfazed, i went back yesterday and tried it once again and nope. can't do, won't do. 
can't they make heels meant for humans?! sigh.

things are obviously not going well on the shopping front for me so i cheered myself up over the weekend by baking some blueberry muffins topped with love :)

some came out of the oven, odd-shaped. hahaha. but yums nonetheless!

looking forward to johnny english with the boy later at night! woohoo!

p/s:  if you haven't heard, we were awarded "Most Addictive Local Blogshop" by CLEO, in their annual CLEO Awards! we're extremely stoked to have won and we thank each and every one of you for your support - we couldn't have made it without all of you.
here's to more lovely apparel, fantastic giveaways and fab events ahead to reward you girls! ;)
have an awesome week ahead!