Sunday, September 11, 2011

lollipop colours

If you are a fan of our FB page,
then i hope you enjoyed the small giveaway we just did!
Sifted through tons of entries just now and boy,
it was so hard :(((
took me some time to come up with a process to get the winners.
In any case, you 5 lucky girls, enjoy the prizes!! :)

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Went through a new clothes phase this week,
and dug out all my recent buys to wear all in one shot.

got this wine red shirt from MP that is yet to be launched.
The stocks just came in and i grabbed the sample piece that was meant for phoshoot
and wore it the day after. wahahahhaa.

then as i was scheduled for yet ANOTHER FREAKING dental appt,
decided that i was not in the mood for happy colours, so went black&white.
chose a printed romper (cos must crawl into dental chair)
and layered VERN white blazer over it to keep with the theme.

on that same day, happily tried on another newly arrived sample.
slightly grumpy cos i lost one of my fav shrugs when it was used
as the sample for this design. and i can never get it again :(

loving the low v-back of this shrug.

then on Friday, i appeared as.. BARNEY!!!!
seriously, colour therapy works, cos i was super happy that day.
I felt like a bunch of grapes walking about. whahahha.

obsessed with row of mini buttons.

and the super low back design. thankfully, i can still wear my bra. :)
in case you were wondering, dress is from BYSI, cos i cant fit into
the one MP sold previously :(

Am also super happy on Friday cos it has been ages since i seen my girls.
We have known each other for monkey years now and looking at us,
you won't think we would have belonged to the same clique,
but there we are. Somehow, differences don't matter.
We can still talk, laugh, discuss about matters, serious or not,
like there is no tomorrow.
I would gladly stick my head out for anyone of them,
and I know they will do the same for me.
Friendships like this, irreplaceable.

so different..yet it works, somehow :)

i dont understand why the BF looks terrified everytime we take a pic together.
Like that how to take wedding photos you tell me?!
maybe cos i look like a hairy kumquat.

the BF, me and Mella in bright happy colours.

wearing a WILLOW design - side pleat skater dress in orange
(or kumquat as I call it)

and yes, we have to sit on an orange bench to take a photo.

Smoked salmon and cheese sandwich. TO DIE FOR.

passionfruit and coconut macaroon. omgomgomg, its love in a bite.

we also tried lemon and earlgrey with chocolate. yums as well.

I don't know how do all the months roll together,
one after another, and boom,
its September now.
and then i am like, where did April, May, June go?
And before i know it, it will be year end rush
and 2012, and Jan, the wedding, moving out,
changing houses and I can no longer sleep in the place
that i slept in for the past 26 years.
Its not that I am not excited, but just that,
suddenly, I am giving up everything familiar to me,
and moving on to another phase of my life
that I am not too sure if i can handle.
Weird right? I know. :(

much love,


Anonymous said...

hi, where did you get the orange dress from? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the prize!! :D -the blue dotty one.

Anonymous said...

Hello! When will you be stocking up on the wine red shirt at kissjane?

missypixie said...

anon: its from missypixie, WILLOW label, but its not launched yet!

blue dotty one: welcome!! :)))

anon: we will stock the shirt in by next weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

When are y'all launching the orange dress! Excited!!

missypixie said...

the stocks are still on the way, i got the sample pc first :)

Anonymous said...

when are the cardigans coming?? super nice!

Anonymous said...

May I know where u get your black ribbon peeptoe pumps? :)

FL said...

please stock the side pleat skater dress in orange @kissjane bugis yea? looking forward to get my hands on it yay! thank you guys!! i love missypixie(:

nurulia said...

love the polka dotted dress/romper that you have on, kelly! was it a previously launched piece? :)

missypixie said...

cardigans are in stock! probably launching next weekend :)

ribbon pumps are from BKK!

FL: when stocks come, we will do the stock up at KJ, no worries!

nurulia: hello dear, nope, the romper is from Forever New some time back!

Anonymous said...

may i know what colour is the shrug u are wearing? oat?

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the blogshop - mp?

missypixie said...

yup i am wearing OAT, our online shop can be found at

MP is our abbreviation for it! :)

Nicolette said...

Hi, when will you girls be launching the orange dress you wore in this post on the online store?? It's so pretty I WANT IT!

missypixie said...

will probably launch this weekend or next!