Monday, September 5, 2011

max-ed out.

This is looking like a bad bad week.
Started today with a dental appt and i dont know
what it is about dentists,
but they make me feel so small and sorry
that they have to stare into my mouth
and do awkward painful things to me.
And then I have to pay a small fortune for suffering.
why liddat.

so to cheer self up, here is huge ass pic of nephew.

gosh, i love it when babies scratch their heads
with small pudgy fingers. so funny.

anyway, did loads of stuff this week, so the title.
I am completely spent. Max-ed out.
In terms of moolah, energy, food space. blah.

First up, product review of glossy by Maybelline :)

Product: Maybelline Watershine Collagen Lipgloss
Colour : C21
Price : SGD$16.90

it smells slightly of orange i think, and its not those
hair-stick-to-lips kinda sticky. Plus it goes on easily,
and i love the slim tube, easy to slip into pockets :)

this is the best pic i can get, cos its so natural looking,
my lips just have a touch of shimmer and gloss.
If you want something more obvious, you can go for other shades,
even the red ones are not too scary.

wore my star printed scarf with a plain black maxi for brunch.
finally used it after 2years. haha.

Chili crab linguine from Prive. super yummy.
pity portion is kinda small :(

came back from BKK at 1plus am on thursday morning,
did work til 3plus am, and this is what to wear on lazy days.
IMOGEN printed shrug (missypixie) & all time fav black tank dress

Friday! Met Mella = loads and loads of food.
am in pastel neutrals cos got tired of bold bright colours.

Amazingly, woke up for brunch on Sat at PS Cafe - Dempsey.

truffle fries. I am still not a convert. weird.

the blueberry pancakes were the best tasting of the lot.

crazy brownie.

broke my fav sunnies. :(((((

we spent close to $100 playing arcade shooting games.
Therapeutic to the max. It has gotta be one of my fav activities.
We go again soon, Mella? :))))

And now the weekend is over, back to real world.
Going to settle super flopped BO tmr. RAH.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, has the IMOGEN printed shrug already been launched before? Anyways hope your week gets better :)

Rebecca said...

Love your nails! Gelish? :)

Anonymous said...

When will the IMOGEN printed shrug be launched?

missypixie said...

we already launched IMOGEN about one month back and its all sold out!

red nails are gelish, nude ones are normal polish. i am such a manicure-holic!

Anonymous said...

girls! maybe next time you all can post pretty clothes of what you gals kept before the launch just like another blogshops! As noticed you gals only post photos after it had been launch and when we see it, by then the items are sold out.

missypixie said...

haha, cos sometimes we don't know what we are going to keep til the launch itself! but okay, am eyeing a few new pieces so will try to sneak preview it soon!

Anonymous said...

hey where is the black bag from? is it roomy? been looking for one like that!

Anonymous said...

Is the red clutch from bYSI? can you still remember how much is it? thinking of getting it as a birthday gift

missypixie said...

black bag is from Michael Kors, its super roomy!

yup, red clutch is from BYSI, i forgot how much it is though..

Anonymous said...

do you know of any bag which look like that Michael Kors? one which is cheaper..? thanks a lot!

missypixie said...

hmm, dont think so :(

Anonymous said...

hey babe! your MK bag is the large one, not the satchel right? (:

missypixie said...


Anonymous said...

ysl ring! nice!!!

Anonymous said...


May i know where u get your skirt that u match it with your grey top? Always been kooking for one like that!


missypixie said...

hey shandy, its from topshop!