Wednesday, September 21, 2011

physical(ly) abuse(d)

and the highlight of my last week was...
I finally got to check out sharmie's boyfriend's gym - Physical Abuse.
Oh boy oh boy.
We were actually planning on attending this Drums Alive class
where u use Fitballs as drums, use proper drumsticks and hit along to a rhythm.
Okay, rhythm? that i can handle.
Plus its supposedly ah-MEH-zing for the thighs and butt
and i need all the thighs help i can get.
But in true kelly suaybong-ness, the class got cancelled
cos the instructor fell sick. -_-
So sharmie said, "erm, never mind, can try yoga, at 630pm"
okay, yoga? i like!
except at 615pm, i was still in office working,
and i have yet to do stock-in for both KJ outlets. -_-
in the end, settled for normal proper gym workout,
i was aiming for a relaxing session on the cross trainer but...


super enthu pre-gym sesh.

then i got excited cos i saw one of those vibro-machines
that vibrate while u do your workout, and it helps burn fats faster
than if you were to do it on normal flat ground.
So being lazy, of course go for shortcut right?
Furthermore, not like all gyms in SG have this ok.
omg, i died.
It was a short 15 mins session but it felt like forever.
The entire machine was vibrating all the while and i did squats on it
and initially i could feel nothing, just a vibration ala OSIM massage
then, 40 secs into the workout, it hit.
omg omg omg, my entire muscles screamed and i could feel the lactic acid build-up
and i wanted to stand up but i am not supposed to stand upright,
so resumed half squat position and just died.
(even resting on this machine trains your thighs i tell ya)
followed by a series of lunges, squats, planks, push-ups etc
and okay, no trainer = impossible to do.
If there is no one guiding you along (or yelling at u to GO ON, 2 MORE!!)
i think i would have hugged the machine and used it as massage therapy
happily til end of the day.

So since we are there, gotta try their speciality, kickboxing.

i look okay here right? hur hur.

then you see sharmie and realised her leg is in a blur,
cos she is kicking waaaaay faster than me. oops.

but kickboxing is crazily fun and very very good for letting off steam.
Plus i actually prefer doing workouts like kickboxing or dance or yoga
cos it works the entire body instead of plain cardio like running or weight.

lastly, asked for tips to combat the dreaded flabby underarms fats
(and yes, thats the dreaded vibro-machine)
basically, you do dips and here is the key -
you don't move too far from the surface, just skim your butt off and near the chair,
and gently dip downwards.
You should feel the muscle strain, but not the pain in your elbow joint.

and if you are like me, super particular about toilets,
then yes, this toilet, i approve :)

end of the day, my legs were shaking and i was completely spent.
of course, i suffered from horrible muscle ache for the next THREE days
and even today, i am still feeling the slight twinge at my thighs.
lousy me, i know.

Other happenings for the week!

me in neutrals, and sharmie said i look like her primary school uniform.

started the week in something cheery, MAYVIS orange midi.
am starting to have a thing for midi skirts :)

upcoming Victorian lace dress

and best buy of the week?

love :)

much love,


Deborah said...

love the upcoming victorian dress! and the chanel necklace! how much was it? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Victorian lace dress!! Anymore colors? When will it be launched?

missypixie said...

Deborah: the necklace was approx 400 :)

anon: thanks! we have it in cream (which is what u see) pale pink and royal blue :) launching this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi would you be bringing in more of Mya cardigan? :) In other colors, maybe?

missypixie said...

hmm, a backorder is unlikely now cos of material issues so we are trying to re-make it in another knit! :) what colours would u like to see?

Anonymous said...

hi do you happen to know how much do channel ear studs cost? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you make it in maroon and navy?

missypixie said...

nope, not sure about the price of ear studs!

anon: okay, we hear u!

Anonymous said...

So have you guys stocked KJ up yet? :p

missypixie said...

yup, fully stocked!

msnikkolette said...

Bring back the willow pleated maxi skirt please!!! In cream and more colours!!!

Anonymous said...

Any extras for willow's Dorothy? :)

Anonymous said...

(different anon frm the previous mya anons) And wine red or a color like milk tea! or a cream color like the one sel gomez is wearing!

missypixie said...

nope sorry, not bringing back TYAN anymore! No more Dorothy left either!

anon: yup yup, we are looking at that kinda knit in that colour! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly!! What's the maximum UK size you think the Victorian lace dress can fit? Want to buy it for a friend as a birthday gift but I think she's a UK10/12 cos she's quite *ahem* busty.

Anonymous said...

I don't like you girls :(

always make pretty clothes and make me spend money HAHA!

anyways, wore mya caramel out today and omg so comfyyyyy :D

thank you girls :)

nat said...

hello do you is the side pleat skater dress in orange
stocked up at kissjane alr? thanks (:

missypixie said...

anon: hello dear, think uk8 or 10 max! i am not sure about the ptp but erm, if she is busty then maybe cannot :(

anon2: hahahahhahah! thank you for letting us know u liked it :)

nat: sorry nope! we are keeping that design for online launch first!

Anonymous said...

any peach maxi skirts coming up??:):):)

Anonymous said...

(diff anon from the one who posted the link) yes please manufacture the knit that sel gomez is wearing!! it's really lovely:)