Saturday, September 3, 2011

where the sun don't shine.

typing this as im waiting for the rain to fall - the weather's been so horrid! really wanna escape to somewhere cool where i can layer my shrugs/wear my trenchcoat/not look funny wearing kneehighsocks. 
times like this i wished i wasn't born in the tropics.

anyhow, been trying to cut down on shopping lately.
as part of my Save More Get Rich plan, new shopping motto now goes something like:
if its on sale, grab it. if its not, wait.
which doesn't really work when these days, when every freakin' thing seems to be on sale?! :\

but still, couldn't resist these new comfy nude sandals at a steal.

used the last of my package to get a lighter (read: more youthful looking) colour for my tresses.

can't believe the aunty at the salon did these curls for me with just a trusty comb and a hairdryer.
 i asked if i could take her home or if she could be my godma but kenna rejected :(

looking at these pics make me damn tempted to curl my hair again grrrrrr and i was so adamant i wanted my straight hair back. hownow browncow? vote of confidence, anyone?

tried to channel some diya (inherstilettos) on a friday morn and turns out that kel was in the same colour combination. what are the chances man! if we had a dollar for every single time we dressed alike we'd be rich kids by now.

new cotton shrug inspired by ZARA - we're launching it in oat this weekend so lookout for it!
got myself one in milktea and lovin' it to the max!

sis's on a worktrip in china so i stole something from her wardrobe!
i call it the hello, lovehandles jumpsuit.

you'll see why. hahaha.

and while waiting for time to pass in the office, i tried on Toni blazer in tangerine.. 
love how the colour pops.
still can't decide whether i should get it or not!

tried out another upcoming piece in bold orange. yums!
big fan of ruches am i. 

checked out a new watering hole at The Sail on thursday and boy was it drama-mama.
a drunk lady lap-dancing her slightly embarrassed colleague, an SPG on the loose, and a shoutout that ensued between the two. we watched the show with incredulity; peanuts in one hand and cider in another.
such is good entertainment on a weekday night! 

on a totally unrelated note, sis got me this 'cos i told her i wanted it. i was kidding but she got it for me anyway, haha! now i don't know where to wear it to.. 

and i finally got my krisflyer card woohooo!!
one more reason why i should be out there seeing the world.

time to start clocking some miles!
but first, dinner at the much-raved Antoinette tonight with the T5 mateys later.
can't wait! have a great weekend too y'all! 



Anonymous said...

Love your new hair-do! May I know where you go to have your hair done? TIA!

Ningxin said...

ohmygosh Sharon your curls are lovelyy! =) hmm why not you invest in a good hair curler? that way you have the best of both worlds, straight or curly hair as and when u like it =P do u mind sharing where's the hair salon too? =P

the tube dress in orange looks great btw :D what other colors does it come in? sry to bombard u with so many qns! >.<

missypixie said...

anon: thank you dear! it was temporary though! got it done at supercuts at tampines :)

ningxin: thank you for the compliment! yup i think the best way is to own a curler but thing is, im a very lazy person, hahaha. the more fuss-free my daily routine is, the better! if i could i wouldn't even put on makeup to go outta the house :P so.. still thinking about the perm! hee. got it done at supercuts at tampines by the way.

as for the tube dress, it will come in pinkish-nude as well as navy too! super pretty i promise! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Zara inspired cardigan! Milk tea, omg sounds so yummy! And the tube dress in orange looks good too! Now I wish I am not on a shopping ban till Novemeber, cos I wanna get everything now! :(

missypixie said...

anon2: hehe yea its the colour of thai iced tea! don't worry im very sure we will have more pretty stuff coming in november.. hold your purse-strings till then ok! jiayou! :)

Amanda said...

I think I've read once about someone suggesting to manufacture kimono style dresses, how about something like this? :)

missypixie said...

hi amanda! that's a really pretty dress! love how its paired with vintage accessories. heh. will consider! ;) thanks!

A said...


Launching it in this thai iced tea colour?

What about manufacturing printed kimono-style dresses/puff-sleeved dresses?

Anonymous said...

how do you get a kris flyer card? and how does it work?

missypixie said...

A: we're launching it in light oat! its a nice creamy shade :) not launching the one in milk tea though, i only managed to get one for myself! hee.

we've heard alot about kimono-style dresses so we're working on it! ;)

missypixie said...

anon3: hi! you have to apply via american express - i did mine over the amex counter at ion orchard. you have to submit your income tax or payslip for the past year or so and it has to hit a minimum amount. i forgot how much it is but you can check with the counter staff!

you can earn miles via spending! you can check out the amex website at for more info :) hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

wa you must be rly brave to wear that romper which shows a lot of your love handles eh.....have you put on weight? you seemed to have:( alot!

missypixie said...

Anon4: a lot meh??!! I've always been a size 10/12 and I can still fit into all my clothes leh. Haha. A lot would mean I become size 14 or what la! Don't think its a matter of being brave or not - it doesn't matter what size you are, but how you carry yourself. Thank you for your concern anyway but I feel fine the way I am, love handles and all :)