Monday, September 12, 2011

what are words?

gonna make this a quick entry before i pack my bags and head to the airport in 5 hours!

fare thee well dinner to becky last weekend, who's off to oxford for her masters.
friends in high places, i have :) 

dinner with the T5 peeps at tripleone.

ordered a pitcher of sangria to celebrate!

food was mighty good there as well.

and then there was coffee. and of course, who could resist cake.

some deep in conversation,

others, not. hahaha.

opening the present we got her to keep her warm in gloomy uk.

missin' our two boys who are also doing their masters. come home quick y'all!

random outfits of the past week.

LOLA in black!

tryin' to go easy breezy.

got CASSIE in black too!

MICH in bold red - one of my fave overlay pieces of the season.

upcoming balloon-sleeved outerwear in moss green! lovelovelove it!

and im itching to get it in this caramel tooooooo.
like kel who has too many blazers that cannot be worn in this freaking weather of ours, i have too much of these nua-nua outerwear thingys. aaaahhhhh  :(

went on an impromptu date with the boy to timbre on a late night saturday and i grabbed this new sample piece and wore it out. so now its mine, hahaha! 
super comfy and easy to wear. plus, i love offsies so max points for this!
will be launching this soon too! ;)

got the one in deep teal.

and that pretty much sums up my awesome week in SG.

640am flight tomorrow - groan. doubt im gonna get any sleep from now till then.
hoping to get loads of nice pieces and restocks of popular stuff
like Liane/Leisha/Sierra this trip -wish us luck!! 



Anonymous said...

cannot wait for the deep teal knitted tunic to be launched! will it be this wk?

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon!! Where did you get that awesome turquoise ring? Been looking for one of that color for my collection!!

missypixie said...

anon1: yup likely this week or next - do check out our preview on our Facebook page to find out! ;)
and by the way its not knitted, its a comfy cotton-rayon material :D

anon2: hello! i got it from DIVA but it was like a loooong time ago!

Anonymous said...

hey babe! will you guys be launching the skirts paired with the vicky top and althea red? :) so nice!

Anonymous said...

what are the colors available for the tunic in teal? how much will it be priced? and the nuanua cardigan in caramel? what other colors and the price? THANKS! cant wait for the launch, pls launch it this wk :D

missypixie said...

anon3: yes we will be! those were only the samples; we're still waiting for the actual stocks to arrive :)

anon4: the offsie tunic will be available in navy, heather grey and black! it should be priced at $26 or so :) the nuanua cardi (haha) comes in moss green, caramel, oat and gunmetal! should be $26 or so too, prices to be confirmed! not sure if we're launching both this week, do check out our FB preview to make sure ok!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is the michy top in coral launched alr?

Anonymous said...

please launch the nua nua card this week!
-girl who won the tyra mint :D

Anonymous said...

Is deep teal same as navy?im thinking of getting deep teal for the tunic. I want to get another! Can u help me suggest, black or navy to match a pair of mustard tights?thanks!

missypixie said...

anon5: hi dear we launched it some time ago in nude, cream and mint and its all sold out already! i got this piece for myself only :)

anon6: ok we will!! ;)

anon7: nope, deep teal is has green undertones! its quite different from navy! if you are looking to match mustard tights i would suggest navy!

Anonymous said...

why post a FAT pix of me!!!! -FAINTS-



Anonymous said...

Eh? You and Kelly have the same red clutch?

Anonymous said...

hi! can i know will you be manufacturing any more sandals?like the MIN sandals??i love it but BO is cancelled.

missypixie said...

YOURS TRULY: shit i didnt realise.. its the only group pic i had! you are still my pretty baby ok. hurhur <3

anon8: yup we have the same clutch!

anon9: we're still trying to find a reliable manufacturer who will not cancel on us like what happened to MIN :( will update you girls if anything!

Anonymous said...

Is that the nuanua cardigan y'all were talking abt?!

Seriously... Love it! I want one in every colour to take and wipe on the floor, mop on the floor, sit on the floor. Hahaha! Pls let me know when it will be launched. I will sit by my comp and hit refresh until u launch it.

Muchos love,
The unfortunate one that sat beside u two on the flight

Anonymous said...

may i know what're the measurements of the deep teal tunic? idk if it will be too short for me cos of my height. :/

Anonymous said...

i have been waiting for ur launch since morning 8am! LOL!

missypixie said...

anon10: crubbing and dinnering soon then we can MOP EVERYWHERE!!!!

anon11: hi dear the measurements will be up on the site real soon!

anon12: oh gosh that's early! hahaha thank you so much for the support! ;) i promise you it'll be up SOON!!

Anonymous said...

can you share how you lost so much weight?

missypixie said...

anon13: hi there! actually i didn't lose much weight? im still a uk10! im not sure which period you are comparing me with.. but i definitely built muscle and toned up through a combination of cardio, weight training, and kickboxing in the recent year :) i don't really diet 'cos i never stick to it.. somehow good food is too hard to resist :(

weight loss is a combi of regular exercise + healthy diet so if you can get started on that, there is sure to be results! hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...


May i know CASSIE in black already launch? nice piece :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you get your white sandals from? It's nice!

missypixie said...

hi shandy! its been launched and sold out already! :(

anon14: got the sandals from ZARA!